Heathcote Distillery – Davidson Plum Gin


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Heathcote Distillery – Davidson Plum Gin

DistilleryHeathcote Gin
StyleSloe / Slow

Tasting notes:

In collaboration with Melbourne Bush Foods and in full support of their endeavour to bring Australia’s indigenous botanicals to life, Heathcote has created their Davidson Plum Gin.

Harvested at just the right time to maximise on the fruit’s character, the flavour delivers an intensely tangy and subtly sweet flavour, typically Australian and truly unforgettable.


We love this one neat, but also delicious over ice with a light citrus squeeze and garnish.  Perfect to tart up a Gin & Tonic or in a Davison Plum Gin Sour.


A dash of Strangelove Bitter Lemon, a touch of Capi Premium Dry Ginger or FeverTree Mediterranean.


Fresh orange or lime, rosemary sprig

Serving suggestion:

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