Garden Grown Gin – Garden Grown Gin


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Garden Grown Gin – Garden Grown Gin

DistilleryGarden Grown Gin
FlavourCitrus, Floral

Tasting notes:

This is the original, the classic, the muse, a gardener’s best friend. The French perfumers’ time-honoured technique of enfleurage is used to extract the delicate scent and flavour from the hero botanical Murraya. It along with Chamomile, Sage, Rose, Angelica, Orris Root and of course Juniper bring this floral gin alive. On the nose, there are hints of jasmine, sweet honeysuckle and orange blossom.

Serving suggestion:

Pairs well with splashings of premium Indian tonic, over ice and garnished with your favourite soft herbs (like mint or tarragon or dill). Yum.

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