Ambleside Distillers – Big Dry Gin


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Ambleside Distillers – Big Dry Gin

DistilleryAmbleside Distillers
StyleLondon Dry
FlavourCitrus, Herbal

Tasting notes:

Big, dry and peppery. Big Dry has notes of rosemary thyme, kaffir lime and sage, but what sets this gin apart is the jalapeno we use to give it that extra kick. The intense and robust flavours complement the dry taste of the juniper berries. On the Palate: Juniper, pine, pimento, mace. Oil content creates good mouth feel, warm at the back of the palate from the jalapeno.

Serving suggestion:

This style lends itself to a martini or in a G&T with a slice of jalapeno and some fresh coffee beans.

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