Archie Rose Distilling Co – Distillers Strength Gin


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Archie Rose Distilling Co – Distillers Strength Gin

DistilleryArchie Rose Distillering Co
FlavourFloral, Juniper

Tasting notes:

Conceived as our boldest, yet most elegant gin, Distiller’s Strength Gin features sixteen botanicals that have been uniquely infused and individually distilled in our copper pot still to create distinct clarity and flavour. Featuring NSW pear, rose, elderflower, and honey collected from our own distillery hives, this spirit is underpinned by pronounced juniper notes, making it a modern classic that can be enjoyed in timeless cocktails, savoured in good company.

Serving suggestion:

Try it in a Gin Spritz with elderflower, cucumber and mint or in a classic Negroni.

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