Adams Distillery – Barrel Aged Gin


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Adams Distillery – Barrel Aged Gin


Tasting notes:

Adams Barrel Aged Gin is a creative expression with rich, complex Christmas spices and a golden hue achieved through its maturation journey in a premium pinot noir cask.

Flavours of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, and sweet toasted caramel accompanied by a light spiced resemble Christmas in a bottle.

Cherry blossom and honeyed on the nose with vanilla, coconut bourbon barrel aromas. A touch of lemon curd and toffee on the palate. Well balanced and long lasting.

Serving suggestion:

When mixed with lemonade, this gin has a striking resemblance to a Canadian Whisky with Dry.

Enjoy neat, over ice or as an excellent twist on a whisky sour or old fashioned.

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