Intro to Aussie Gin 5 Pack
Serving suggestions and gin tasting notes

The pack includes a selection of five of the following gins:

Larrikin – Original Gin

Highlights of lemon myrtle, with hints of spice and warmth from native botanicals. Well complemented by the essential gin botanicals juniper and coriander. A really well balanced gin, with incredibly smooth mouthfeel, and amazing drinkability. 

Serving Suggestion

Great on its own and also lends to the creation of new mixed drinks.

McHenry Distillery – Federation Gin

McHenry Distillery was approached by Parliament House in Canberra to create a new world gin that captured the essence of Australia. Our unique gin is inspired by the diverse antipodean flora. Kakadu Plum from the Northern Territory, Lemon Myrtle from Queensland, Strawberry Gum from New South Wales, Mountain Pepperleaf from the Australian Capital Territory, South Australian Wattle Seed, Cinnamon Myrtle from Victoria, Tasmanian Celery Top Pine, and Quandong from Western Australia.

Serving Suggestion

This is a wonderfully smooth, drinkeable gin which will have you coming back to it again and again. The more we sit with it, the more notes and botanicals we seem to discover. Or it’s perfect in a Negroni cocktail.

Kangaroo Island Spirits – KIS O’Gin

This gin highlights juniper, coriander and angelica root in a contemporary London style. Key to its character is the subtle infusion of Kangaroo Island coastal daisy Olearia axillaris. Sometimes known as wild rosemary. Its the perfect compliment to enhance this gin’s lively structure. Savoury and dry with a burst of orange. The scent recalls beach dunes on a hot summers day.

Serving Suggestion

Mix as a G&T or Negroni.

Husk Distillers – Ink™ Gin

Ink Gin™ is a premium dry gin made with 13 organic botanicals, including a mix of traditional and Australian natives. Like all true gins, juniper berries are the largest botanical component, however the defining character of Ink Gin comes from the second tier botanicals led by locally grown lemon myrtle leaf, coriander seed, Tasmanian pepper berry and freshly peeled sundried sweet orange peel.

Serving Suggestion

Enjoy in a traditional G&T or find Ink™ Gin cocktail ideas here 

The West Winds Gin Co. – The Cutlass

An aromatic gin which combines juniper with Aussie elements, like cinnamon myrtle, lemon myrtle and bush tomato. Herbaceous from more fresh coriander root than citrus. Sweet umami notes from bush tomato. Almost cocoa and sun-dried tomato. The most awarded Australian gin. Lime flavours more than lemon so use in lime based cocktails. 

Serving Suggestion

Serve with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic 


Australian Distilling Co. Perth Gin

With clear blue skies, golden beaches and cosmopolitan precincts in between, Perth is as diverse as it is welcoming. This gin is locally crafted in Fremantlle and combines boronia and lemon myrtle in a blend that captures the city’s flourishing energy. A gin not only made for Western Australians but one that’s perfectly Perth.

Serving Suggestions

Try this gin in a G&T or neat over ice. 


Moore’s – Dry Gin

Full of Asian spices, citrus and impeccably clean autumn earthiness. Rounded and balanced with a high quality bitters style aftertaste. Fragrant with spicy roots of ginger, angelica and galangal mixed with Macedonian juniper berries and a pot pourri of aromatic citrus leaves. 

Serving Suggestions

Superb for a memorable G&T and a martini.


The West Winds Gin – Sabre

The West Winds Sabre (40% gin alcohol percentage) is a uniquely Australian take on a traditional London Dry style gin. The flavours in this bright, aromatic gin are led by an undercurrent of citrus with a dominance of juniper, followed by the classic coriander seed. The addition of wattle seed adds a depth to the mid palate and introduces a creamy texture to the gin.

Serving Suggestions

Perfect as a classic G&T with lemon to release the intricacies of this uniquely styled gin.



Intro to Aussie 5 pack

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