GINTONICA’s Gin Podcast

Australia is going through a gin boom and new distilleries are opening at an unprecedented rate. David Box and John Deeks introduce the listener to a growing number of these distilleries, as well as other gin and cocktail connections.

Gintonica – for all things gin.

Australian craft distilleries: Tiny Bear & Patient Wolf

David Box & John Deeks visit Tiny Bear Distillery and Patient Wolf Distillery….

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Australian craft distilleries: Anther & Big Tree

This time David Box & John Deeks continue their journey around Victoria…

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Australian craft distilleries: Melbourne Gin Company & Animus

One of the older distilleries in this modern gin era, Melbourne Gin Company is located…

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Australian craft distilleries: Hurdle Creek Still & Reed + Co

This time John and David head to the Victorian Alpine region, with a stop at Milawa and a small diversion to Hurdle Creek Still…

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