Top Gin Gifts for Christmas

You may have noticed that there are little signs popping up here and there that Christmas is on it’s way.

“Pffft” could be what comes to mind when you think of prepping for Christmas now, but remember last year?  How you thought you had plenty of time and then all of a sudden it was December and it was too risky to order anything online.  Oh the panic.  Then you had to battle the maddening crowd at your local shopping centre and you swore to yourself you would never do that again.

Well think of this article as a gentle reminder of that very moment.  A little push for you to get on top of things now so December is what it should be – a time to chill, a time to enjoy the Christmas spirit, and a time to open up that advent calendar and enjoy a new gin every day.

What does Gintonica have for me?

Glad you asked! We have the coolest 100% Aussie gin goodies that will make Christmas time a ginny good time.  Scroll on to check it out

Our 6th (yes 6th!) Edition 50ml Gin Advent pack contains 24 gins from all over Australia.  The fun all starts on the 1st of December when you pop open that little window to find the perfect sized Aussie gin to make the perfect G&T.  Then repeat.  Every. Single. Day.  Plus you can buy NOW with 4 easy interest-free instalments and soon it will arrive at your door to tease and tempt you til December arrives.

Our Kris Kringle Ginmas pack contains three 50ml festive gins that blow all other Kris Kringles out of the water!  Forget those boring cheapie gifts that you’re more likely to re-gift – this one is a keeper for a quaffer! Buy one for your work KK, or your family KK or even buy a whole bunch as Christmas table favours. What a way to celebrate!

You could be forgiven for thinking this is just a cute little tree dressed with beautiful glass baubles.  But look a little closer.  There’s something inside.  Something gin-credible!  Yep, you guessed it – these Christmas Gingle Bells are filled with gin!  Could your tree get any better?  I think not.  Each one is filled with a different gin and the botanical hero of each one is popped into the bauble for extra effect.  These are perfect for any sized tree and even make a jaw dropping table centre piece.  But let’s not limit it to that – think festive ginmas earrings, a necklace or brooch.  The options are endless!

Every Christmas table needs bon bons.  It’s just another fun little tradition to break one open to see what’s inside.  But are we ever really happy with what’s inside?  What was in your bon bon last year?  A plastic spinning top?  A tiny piece of paper with a lame dad joke?  A wafer thin paper crown that (if it didn’t split putting on) made you feel like a dad joke. With our Boozy Bon Bons you get none of that disappointment – all you get is pure ginny joy in the form of a 30ml bottle of pure Aussie gin,

We’ve saved the best for last here.  This is our VERY FIRST Advent calendar.  It was a game changer back in 2017 – way before we had ever heard of lockdowns and quarantine periods.  The Original Gintonica advent calendar contains gins that were trailblazers – some rare, some even discontinued. This is our pride and joy and we decided to bring it back so our die-hard fans could return to those days, and our new fans could taste what kind of gin was being made back then. We are so thrilled to have collaborated again with the OG distillers of the Aussie gin industry and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it.

As with our 2022 Advent Release, this calendar is available to purchase now in 4 interest-free instalments and will be delivered to your or a loved one’s door. So get ordering!