Australia’s Best Gin Subscription

How often have you found yourself standing in the gin aisle at the bottle shop wondering which gin to pick?  Do you stand there for way too long contemplating the style, then the botanicals, then the price?  Do you read the labels trying to work out how it would taste and it if is worth buying?  Imagine what else you could do with all those lost hours.  For a start you could be home sipping on a beautiful gin!

Problem Solved!

You may have 99 problems but this ain’t one anymore!  At Gintonica we take all the guess work out of purchasing your next big bottle of gin with our clever little Gin-A-Month subscription. It doesn’t stop there as we don’t just send out a box every month and hope you like it, we get involved and teach you about those gins too!

Why should you subscribe?

The Gintonica gin subscription is the truly the best (and most affordable) way to taste your way around Australia’s craft distilleries without having to commit to a costly monthly outlay or blindly buying full bottles hoping you will enjoy them. Let’s face it, stocking your liquor cabinet can be a pricey exercise and the last thing you want to do is spend money on booze you can’t drink.

What do I get?

Simply sign up to a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription and every month we send you four Aussie craft gin samplers to sip & savour.  We also pop in a card that has the tasting notes on it so it’s like a little masterclass for one.  You get enough to make a generous G&T with each individual sampler, or two modest ones.  That’s pretty good value, but wait, there’s more! 

We also give you a coupon code so you can go to our online bottle shop and purchase any of the full sized versions at 15% off RRP.  How good is that?

Live tasting experience

Here’s the kicker that you cannot say no to – you also get access to our monthly online gin tasting sessions with our resident gin curator David Box, and distillers.  In these sessions you will learn about the making of the gins, their tasting notes and how best to serve them.  Be prepared to be entertained and educated all at the same time.

Want more gin? You got it!

After you have tasted your way through your gins you may find yourself wanting more. We get it.  We know all too well about where you find yourself sipping on a new gin and by the end you are in love with it.  So with every month you get a discount code to purchase any – or all – of those gins from our online bottle shop.

It is the best way to stock your liquor cabinet with only the gins you love.


So what are you waiting for?  Get on that subscription and sip, savour and learn about gin like never before.

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