October 5, 2022 4:50 am

Shane Ridley


Stocking fillers are simple little gifts that you give at Christmas time.  Traditionally they are small enough to pop in a Christmas stocking and are seen as a little added extra on the day.

How did the stocking filler come about?

The idea of the Christmas stocking comes from a legend concerning St. Nicholas. In the story, a father of three daughters is too poor to afford dowries for his children. In the spirit of giving, St. Nicholas throws three sacks of gold down the chimney of the man’s house. These sacks of gold fall into the girls’ stockings, which had been hung by the fire to dry. Fast forward to today and stocking fillers are those little extra bits and pieces to make your loved ones feel even more special.

What is the best stocking filler?

If you ask us, the best stocking fillers are ones that involve gin. Of course this is only the case for those over 18, but let’s face it, who doesn’t love a cheeky G&T at Christmas time?  We know we do!  So here is our list of the best stocking stuffers for the gin lover in your life.

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Ginmas Tasting Pack

This is the perfect stuffer as it’s small and at $25 is an absolute bargain.  It contains 3 x 50ml bottles of Christmas themed gins perfect for the festive season.  Of course every gin is from an Australian Craft distillery and has a festive flavour to it.  It also makes fab little Kris Kringle Gift too!

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The Gin Gym Tote Bag

This canvas tote is perfect for the gin junkie in your life.  It’s just the thing for shopping or the gym.  They will get lots of laughs out of the printed slogan, “GYM? I thought you said GIN!”

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Gin Keep Cup

Everyone loves a keep cup and this one is just the one for a the covert gin drinker.  Who knows what in it –  a G&T, coffee, not not tea?  Great for outdoor sips, picnics, events, even the dog park!

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Gin & Go

If you are having trouble choosing between the tote or the keep cup, then why not have both?  With our Gin & Go Pack you get the tote and the keep cup, as well as a 50ml bottle of Aussie craft gin and a 180ml bottle of tonic.

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Negroni Cocktail Gift Pack

Negroni fans will absolutely love this stocking filler.  They can the perfect Negroni at home without the need for measuring as each bottle is a perfect  50ml pour of a classic dry Australian gin, a local artisan Sweet Vermouth and a Bitter Orange. Add one of the dried orange wheesl to make it the tastiest stocking filler ever.

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Fun Meme Glassware

These are the perfect  glasses for any fun loving G&T drinker. This cheeky meme gin glass set features two G&T glasses. Each glass is specially designed to not only hold loads of ice to keep the drink well chilled, but also enough room for garnishes or botanicals. Cheers!

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Great Garnish

This stocking filler is a great little gift for those who like to make a G&T at the end of the day but don’t want to waste a whole piece of fruit for just the one slice. It comes in a resealable pack so you can pick one slice at a time.  All the citrus we use in our packs use only Australian fruits.

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