The best gin distilleries and bars in Queensland

When people think of Queensland, they think of great weather, sandy beaches, rainforests, waterfalls, and the Great Barrier Reef. Gin likely doesn’t get much of a look in. But Queensland is actually very good at producing gin, and they have some of the best gin bars and distilleries in Australia. 

Pair great gin with fantastic weather, and you’ve just found yourself a great excuse to head to Queensland!

The best spot in Queensland for gin lovers

Brisbane Distillery

Inside Brisbane Distillery, showing gin barrels and distilling equipment


This famous distillery was created in 2019 and was actually Brisbane’s first distillery. They are a ‘grain-to-glass’ operation, meaning they control every step of the gin making process. From where they grow their botanicals, and how they ferment, distil and mature their spirits. 

Something that sets Brisbane Distillery apart from the competition is their gin school. They have master distillers that will guide you every step of the way and give you an opportunity to create a one-of-a kind gin. Drinks and snacks are included in this package, plus you’ll also get to brag to your friends that you’re now a master distiller!

Fonzie Abbott



Fonzie Abbott has set up their HQ in Albion, and they have become quite the jack of all trades! All from one location, they have coffee roasters, beer brewers, and vodka and gin distillers. You might be worried that they have stretched themselves thin with various offerings. But, actually, all of their beverages are of some of the highest quality you can get, so there’s no need to worry about them being a ‘master of none’!

While you’re sipping on some of the finest thirst-quenching gin, you can dine in their flagship restaurant. They serve a modern Mediterranean menu and have both indoor and alfresco dining, so you can really make the most of the Queensland sun. This place really is the one-stop shop for some weekend fun. So you can come for the gin, and stay for the amazing experience they provide at such a memorable venue. 


Tall copper distillery equipment inside a warehouse



Fortune is the Sunny Coast’s first distillery, but it still competes with all of the other distilleries in Queensland. It’s based out of Noosa in one of the industrial estates. But don’t let the location fool you, the building looks amazing! Their large copper distilling equipment has become the centrepiece for their venue. 

Alongside their stunning equipment is their tasting area where you can try all of their different spirits in the form of delicious cocktails. They have a selection of super crisp and clean spirits for you to try, including a dry gin, a vodka, and even a white malt. But if you want the true distillery experience you can go for the tasting paddle where you can try all three of the fortune spirits. 

Once you’ve decided which of the spirits is your favourite, you’ll be able to take it home with you and create your own cocktails with each spirit being available for purchase in 700ml and 200ml bottles. 

Grandad Jacks

The Grandad Jack warehouse and van


Grandad Jacks is a distillery based out of Miami. Their stunning warehouse has the full process of gin making on show. Of course they have a tasting room, and here they make some of the best cocktails you’ll ever drink using the spirits they create, including gin, vodka, whiskey, and an array of liqueurs. 

But for those who like to get a bit more hands on, Grandad Jacks offers just the thing. You can sign up for a 4-hour masterclass run by their head distiller. But don’t feel like you’re going to get lost in the crowd, these classes are fun and intimate because they’re limited to only six people at a time. 

In this masterclass you get the opportunity to not only learn about the history of the distillery, you will get the opportunity to create your very own gin! You will pick the flavour combinations, then measure and balance your gin with some fancy looking equipment, and then you will even get to distil it yourself!


4 cocktails in stemmed glass along a bar


Imbibis is based in Haigslea, which is just outside of Ipswich. Imbibis is the brainchild of an award-winning winemaker. After 20 years or so of making wine, he has now turned to distilling gin and brandy. The thing that sets Imbibis’ spirits apart from the competition is their gin and brandy is actually crafted from wine and grapes. This is a bi-product of their wine production and is a part of their conscious effort to try and help make the distilling industry more sustainable. 

To try some of their amazing spirits, they will often hold different events at their distillery. They offer tours of the distillery most Fridays, and will have special one off events like their upcoming ‘Springtime Sunday Sessions’ which features live music, food, and of course, gin! You can find all of their upcoming events here.

Ready to tour Queensland’s best gin locations?

If you want to soak in the sun and throw back a couple of delicious gins, Queensland is going to be the destination for you. With such a variety of different distilleries and offerings, there will be something for everyone.  

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our range of Queensland gins through our Digital Distillery for a little taste of what Queensland has in store for you.