March 2, 2020 10:55 am

Shane Ridley

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Kristy has distilling in her blood (her parents are Bill and Lyn Lark who founded the Australian spirits industry.)

She founded Killara distillery in 2016 and it is one of the few distilleries world-wide to be owned and operated by a female.

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1.) You started Killara distillery in 2016 making Single Malt Whiskey, Apothecary Gin and Tasmanian Vodka. Have you any exciting news or releases planned for 2020 that you could share with us?

Killara’s new distillery located in Richmond, Tasmania is currently being built. The cellar door will be open in July where guests will be able to taste the product range and experience Kristy’s gin and herb gardens and orchard.

Late in 2019, Kristy was awarded a Churchill Fellowship where she will be heading overseas in March for 10 weeks to learn more about her passion for distilling. She will be studying Medicinal Gardens and how plants are grown for distillation. Congratulations Kristy!

2.) You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?

“Definitely blue, it’s a happy colour and a colour that represents the sky, and the sky’s the limit, right!”

3.) Why does distilling make you tick?

“The creative aspect of distilling is the reason why I love being a distiller. I enjoy being able to create things, experiment and have control over the whole process, that’s what is very rewarding for me.”

4.) Can you describe yourself using 4 words?

“Outgoing, loyal, creative, nurturing.”

5.) You have founded the Women in Distilling Association. Since starting this association in 2017, have you seen an increase of women in distilling roles?

Kristy is keen to promote women in the Australian Spirits Industry, so much so that she started the Australian Women in Distilling Association (AWDA) in 2017.

“One of the reasons I started the Australian Women in Distilling Association (AWDA), was to promote awareness of the industry and to support women looking to become distillers. The association is a place for women to find support, encouragement, inspiration and to celebrate other like-minded women in the Australian distilling industry.”

“In keeping with this purpose of the AWDA, this year the successful candidate will win a four-day distillers course at Old Kempton Distillery. This course offers an invaluable opportunity to learn everything, from distilling to the business behind the scenes.”

Since starting the Association, she has seen an increase in the larger distilleries taking on more women in distilling roles. She has also noticed that in smaller operations where there is a husband and wife running the business, the woman is taking on more than just administration, they are leading the distilling operations of the business.

6.) How are women impacting the distilling industry in Australia?

“Diversity is important to all industries. International Women’s Day is our chance to recognise the minority of female distillers across Australia in the hope that it will encourage and inspire more women to get involved in the distilling industry.”

7.) What’s the best way to enjoy Apothecary Gin?

“Best way is over ice with a slice of strawberry.”

8.) Which of your local bars or pubs is the best place for a Gin?

Society Salamanca
Gold Bar Hobart

All about Apothecary Gin

A gin that marries together 10 botanicals to produce a fantastic result that can be served on its own over ice with a slice of ruby grapefruit, or as a mixed drink by adding a splash of ruby grapefruit juice. Makes a fantastic Negroni and martini. 40% ABV.

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