September 16, 2022 12:36 am

Shane Ridley


Gin is without doubt experiencing a surge in popularity of late.  From the increasing numbers of uber cool gin bars popping up all over the cities, to the ever expanding section of the gin aisle at the liquor store it is obvious that more and more people are choosing gin as their drink of choice.  But who is behind this rise in popularity?  Is the typical gin drinker a woman and if so, why?

Let’s rewind a little…

To put some perspective into this let’s go back 300 years ago when gin was being made at home by the lower classes. It was being drunk in copious amounts to numb the pain of poverty and it was mainly women that were drinking it.  This is where gin earned the questionable names of Mother’s Milk, Mother’s Ruin & Mother’s Tears due to stories of women getting drunk on gin and feeding it to their babies, or worse, dropping them in the fire.  Records show countless arrests and convictions due to gin over consumption and most of these offences were committed by women.

So for a while gin was associated with drunk women with low morals.  It became quite a stereotype that lasted way too long. Think Carol Burnett in the movie “Annie” playing Miss Hannigan who swilled gin straight out of the bottle, swayed and slurred and was horrible to little orphans.

But then along came a grain shortage and home gin production halted.  The government stepped in and started taxing it so all of a sudden gin moved from being a poor woman’s drink to a middle class tipple.  Somehow from that it evolved into a masculine drink.  Think James Bond sipping on a dry martini, or Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca or The Great Gatsby.

Thankfully we have come a long way since then and gin doesn’t suffer from such harsh genderisations anymore.  Buuut, women still prefer gin to men, in fact twice as many women choose gin as their favourite spirit.  Not the drunken baby dropping kind of course, but just like 300 years ago, women love their gin more than men do.

Exploring gin consumption today

It seems that these days, our penchant for gin has returned. Roy Morgan research reveals that women drink more gin than men, and it’s overtaken vodka in the popularity stakes.

Why is this the case?

The obvious answer to that is that gin is simply delicious.  It comes in so many flavour profiles and you are spoiled for choice with botanicals, florals, citrus and with pink gins it can be wonderfully sweet.  Plus gin is THE ingredient in so many pretty cocktails with even prettier garnishes so it is hard to resist it’s beauty. But there are also a few other reasons that make it so favourable for women.

The good thing about gin is that you could say it is one of the more healthier spirits thanks to the superfood juniper berry that gin is made with.  The antioxidants in juniper berries improve the elasticity of the skin, smoothing out wrinkles, and keeping the cells healthy.

More on this magical little berry – it acts as a natural diuretic, and teamed with the herbs used to make gin you have yourself a great little digestive. Many report that if they find they bloat after a few drinks then switching to gin will help reduce bloating in the belly.

Gin, like other clear spirits such as vodka and tequila have lower calorie counts than its darker counterparts. So, if you are counting calories, or points, then gin is the drink for you.

Gin also is less likely to give you a hangover.  It has something to do with the levels of congeners which is a by product of alcohol production.  Colourless drinks like gin, have low levels of congeners. You can significantly reduce the severity of hangovers by drinking low-congener beverages.

For fear of coming across as sexist or gender insensitive it is important to note at Gintonica we love bringing 100% Australian gin to everyone.  Not just women, not just men but certainly not the Miss Hannigan’s of the world.  We love gin and we want you to love it too!

Top warm weather gins to tuck into

If all of this gin talk has you planning ahead for the weekend or your spring, summer and festive celebrations, here is my pick of top local Australian craft gin products to try, accompanied by some serving suggestions and recipes:

Bass & Flinders Cerise Gin

This gin is unashamedly fresh, fruity, floral and fab.  An elegant pink gin reminiscent of Turkish delight. Cerise Gin is part of Bass & Flinders Distillery’s Single Vineyard Gin range and is crafted using shiraz-based eau de vie, a grape spirit crafted from wine sourced from a single vineyard.

Serving suggestions:

Make a Prosecco Spritz topped with fresh raspberries or sweeten up a Negroni for kicks, just because you can.
Also perfectly paired with elderflower tonic or neat over ice.
Garnish with berries or lime.











So please check out our selection of healthy, low calorie, digestive gins in our online gin store HERE