October 17, 2022 1:46 am

Shane Ridley


Spring is a feel-good time of the year. The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer and the flowers are blooming. But there’s one thing that’s not so good about spring – yep, the watery eyes, itchy nose and scratchy throat that comes with spring-time’s hay fever.

But according to a recent study, dealing with the symptoms of hay fever could be as simple as having a few G&Ts.

Now if anyone needed an good excuse for having a G&T, then surely this is it!

New study finds that drinking gin cures hay fever

A study undertaken by Asthma UK has found that some alcoholic drinks like red wine or beer can make your hay fever worse due to the histamines and sulphites they contain.

Researchers found that clear spirits, such as gin, can actually help soothe hay fever symptoms due to their low histamine content.

That’s because gin contains ZERO sulphites, so it’s a particularly helpful tonic for those suffering itchy eyes and a drippy nose.

In fact, gin has many health benefits and in the Middle Ages was even used as a form of herbal medicine!

Can I have all the gin now?

While this study brings good news to hay fever sufferers, it’s not the green light for gin lovers to start smashing down gin after gin in the name of science. The study points out that if you are feeling the effects of hay fever, then one or two gin and tonics will help relieve your symptoms.

So if you’ve run out of tissues, then reach for a gin and your problems may just be solved.


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