June 28, 2024 7:07 pm

trong trong

Can cannabis gin give you wings? What about chocolate cravings? The answer (sadly)
is no.

CANNABIS…. what exactly is it? Is it marijuana? The answer is yes and no. The sister hemp is also a strain of the flowering plant Cannabis sativa, however one major difference is that hemp hasn’t enough THC – the psychoactive compound in marijuana – to create a high.

HEMP: a fibrous plant used by man for thousands of applications for thousands of years, eg hemp rope or clothing.

HEMP GIN: while cannabis gin sounds intriguing, hemp is cannabis. Hemp gin has been around for years and in Australia it is made by Nonesuch, Giniversity and “Hemp Gin”.

TERPENES: a large group of organic compounds in every plant and even some insects. They are associated with many health benefits and a main constituent of essential oils. There are roughly 13 types of turpenes in hemp, myrcene is one. It is also the second most prevalent turpene (after pinene) in juniper, gin’s flag bearer. Also citrus peel has lots of limonene, hops has a lot of humulene, lavender has linalool and other plants, herbs and even ants have many other turpenes.

GIN: began its life over 2 centuries ago, because juniper (jenever in Holland), was used to flavour alcohol. In those days spirits were often so poorly made that its taste had to be improved by adding botanicals like the juniper berry, leaching out its essential oils and the natural odours of turpenes.

So if you like cannabis or hemp gin, by all means indulge, however it will keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.