Thank you for registering your interest in our GIN-tastic World Gin Day event.  We are so excited to have you on board! 

To get you prepared for our World Gin Day please use code GINDAY15 to get 15% off all the kits that are listed on our World Gin Day Page*

To get the absolute most out of the day we highly recommend you stock up on ingredients so you can mix along with Jess on the day.  We have some awesome packs on our World Gin page, all at 15% off with code GINDAY15 HERE Some we have made especially for the day!

There are going to be HEAPS of amazing cocktails made on the day all with Aussie craft gin.  Of course there will be the trusty G&T, the Negroni and a Martini or two, but there will also be some other super delicious gin cocktails you may not have had, nor heard of.

So this is what we suggest you do in preparation:

  1. Grab a few gin packs from our World Gin Day section
  2. Add some garnishes to your shopping list (lemons, mint, rosemary etc)
  3. Freeze HEAPS of ice
  4. Polish up a few G&T glasses, martini glasses 
  5. Grab your barware (tongs, stirrer, measurer, pourers)
  6. Invite a few friends over on the day
  7. Chrome cast (or similar) FB to your TV
  8. Sit back and indulge in the most fun way to celebrate World Gin Day everrr!

Now you have registered we can keep you in the loop with all that’s going to happen in on the day as there is a lot more to tell you! What we can tell you is that this is going to be the only way to celebrate WGD.

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*coupon code GINDAY15 must be entered to receive the discount.  Code cannot be used in conjunction with other codes.  Code cannot be pre- or backdated.  Code cannot be redeemed for cash.  Code expires 13/6/2022