Special Release Gins 4 x 50mL

There are many gin styles, some of which are difficult to get hold of. Try these and you might start looking for special releases by the (large) bottle. Enough to sip, mix and share.

About the Gins
Underground Spirits Bottle Small

Gin No. 1
Shiraz & Pepperberry Gin (Barrel Aged)
Underground Spirits

About the Distillery

Sometimes the dream of a distillery can be represented by a seed. It is a tragedy if it dies a death from neglect. Occasionally it is just dormant, waiting for the right conditions to become fertile. This distillery was born in such a way. Just what the doctor ordered!

Toby Angstmann co-founded Underground Spirits in 2017. Toby is many things: husband, father, leading fertility specialist, robotic surgeon and former Australian Rugby Union. It was in 2016 that Toby and his wife (also a doctor) were travelling through Northern England when a car accident occurred just ahead of them. The driver would have died if not for fortuitous medical attention. A few days later while touring a Scottish whisky distillery nestled in an industrial environment, the future became clear. Life was short and Toby had to realise his distillery dream. Australia had the potential to produce even better, cleaner spirits than Scotland, especially with some unique innovation.

Tasting Notes

A base of signature gin is topped with an extra dose of Tasmanian pepperberries then allowed to mature for two months in French oak barrels, previously used by local winemakers to age their shiraz. It presents an experience that goes a little bit deeper, tasting noticeably richer with forward notes of vanilla, toast and cedar as well as the fruity and juicy characters of the wine, providing a strong, spicy hit. 40% ABV.

Settlers Bottle Small

Gin No. 2
Yuzu Gin
Settlers Artisan Spirits

About the Distillery

Nearly two hundred and fifty years after Cook’s epic journey, Settler’s Gin is pioneering new frontiers and giving time-old spirits an Australian spin. Settlers’ pioneers, like Cook, have a passion for botany with specimens collected and curated from worldwide travels. Botanicals are the natural world’s language of joy and splendour; arousing human senses. Gin the ideal vessel to carry these botanicals to your senses and an antidote to an-endless horizon of blue ocean.

Rowland and Shelley Short started Maximus Wines a decade ago, building the winery and cellar door on their property. Rowland is a fifth-generation brewer and soft drink manufacturer and the head distiller at Settlers. They gained a thirst and passion for gin while sailing their 12m yacht in the South Pacific, where a G&T would go down well. Several years ago, witnessing the huge resurgence of gin as many distilleries began to pop up around the country, their winery had to make space for a still.

Manly Spirit Bottle Small

Gin No. 3
Coastal Citrus Gin
Manly Spirits Co. Distillery

About the Distillery

Manly Spirits Co. is Sydney’s Northern Beaches’ first artisan distillery. Swimming at Manly was indeed part of the true inspiration for the business, it evokes the feel of soap opera Home and Away. An earlier regular was Liam Hemsworth. Now imagine Liam emerging from the waves of Manly Beach, a huge G&T in one hand and a bottle of Manly Spirits gin in the other. H&A was watched by tens of millions each day in 80 countries to which it was exported. One hopes that Manly Spirits has the same success. Oh, and if you’re reading this Liam, do them a favour and call them about doing a video – please.

The business was foundered by David Whittaker and Vanessa Wilton. David is a Chemical Engineer and his design, project and operations expertise saw him build the distillery of his dreams. He has even patented a reflux condenser for the distillery. Vanessa is a born-and-bred Manly local and her extensive experience in business management, marketing and design was invaluable developing the brand identity. Inspiration was also derived from her regular swims through the crystal-clear waters of Manly’s famed marine sanctuary with her beloved “Bold and Beautiful” swim squad.

Loch Bottle Small

Gin No. 4
G&T Gin
Loch Brewery & Distillery

About the Distillery

Loch is a small town of 200 families and has been witness to changing times since its birth in 1876, as has the 1902 Union Bank. Both are now home to this brewer / distiller. Only six years ago and with fearlessness Loch Brewery and Distillery began producing English beer of bitterness, gin with attentiveness and, by the time you are reading this, whisky of incredible smoothness. Hard to believe that back in 2013 making gin was an act of craziness. They were roughly the 12th to do so in Australia – so still early by that measure. Everyone should try a little Loch-ness.

Craig and Mel are a lovely, hard working partnership. He working for an international logistics company, and she for a publishing company. They had a dream founded upon single malt whisky. Craig spent time in Tasmania learning as much as he could about making whisky. Their dream grew wings and over twelve years of planning and building, Loch Brewery & Distillery was born. They now produce traditional ales and single malt whisky. Then there was Mel’s mum, May, who introduced them to martinis, so gin was added to the menu.

Special Release Gins

Gin Tasting Pack

Underground Spirits Bottle Small
Settlers Bottle Small
Manly Spirit Bottle Small
Loch Bottle Small

Tasting Pack of 4 x 50ml bottles. Attractively packed, including our mini-me labels.

Some gins may vary depending on stock availability. Any substitutes required will be limited and equivalent