The West Winds – Wild Plum Gin


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The West Winds – Wild Plum Gin

DistilleryThe West Winds
StyleSloe / Slow
FlavourFruity, Spice

Tasting notes:

Made with Native Davidson Plums and Sloe berries, the gin has been designed to have a warm and earthy backbone to support these unique Australian flavours. With its tart finish coming from the Davidson Plums, you’ll also discover a cosy sweetness thanks to Banksia Honey and sloe berries, all perfectly balanced out with robust Citrus notes.

West winds Wild Plum releases have become Australia’s most awarded flavoured gin.

With so much character, it tastes great to sip as is or try in a cocktail: Serve long with soda or tonic and garnish with an orange wedge for a simple refresher, or if you’re looking to get creative we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you mixing this way.

Serving suggestion:

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