Tinybear Distillery – Gingerbear


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Tinybear Distillery – Gingerbear

DistilleryTinybear Distillery
FlavourSweet, Spice

Tasting notes:

A gingerbread person for the adults, this sweet and spicy gin’s immediate ginger hit is complimented by warming cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Lets not forget that Juniper goodness hugging all the flavours together. Forget subtle and enjoy this gin with your favourite spicy ginger beer to really let that ginger bread bear shine.

Serving suggestion:

Ginger Martini- 60mL Ginger Gin, 10mL Dry Vermouth. Pour all ingredients over cubed ice and stir until balanced (20 seconds if ice is dry) double stain into Martini Glass. Chuck in Ginger Garnish.

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