Hartshorn Distillery – Sheep Whey Gin


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Hartshorn Distillery – Sheep Whey Gin

DistilleryHartshorn Distillery
FlavourCitrus, Floral

Tasting notes:

All our gin botanicals are vapour-infused, which isn’t done very often in Australia. It gives it a delicate, subtle bouquet — petals, citrus, a hint of fresh-cut hay. Besides the juniper, we wanted to use only native Tasmanian botanicals. Along the way, we discovered some pretty impressive berries, leaves and seeds but they could only be wild-harvested, so it wasn’t very practical for ongoing production and our plan failed. Instead let’s pretend we were going to use only Australian native botanicals (six to be precise, three of ‘em never used in gin before) from the get-go and we’ve bloody nailed it.

Serving suggestion:

Take your tonic elsewhere please. This delicate delight is best served as a martini. Pop a little rose petal on top to make it extra pretty. If you want a subtle tonic mix, soak a thin slice of lemon peel in a tonic syrup then drop it into your gin and top with soda.

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