Distillery Botanica – Moore’s Roots & Leaves Dry Gin


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Distillery Botanica – Moore’s Roots & Leaves Dry Gin

DistilleryDistillery Botanical
FlavourCitrus, Spice

Tasting notes:

‘Roots and Leaves’ is a contemporary gin featuring just two elements of every botanical. The roots of Angelica, Galangal, Ginger and Turmeric, and the leaves of Kaffir Lime, Lemon Verbena, Mandarin and Curry Trees. All these botanicals have been grown in our garden in Erina and combine superbly to create a rounded and beautifully balanced Australian made craft gin.

Serving suggestion:

This earthy, spicy and citrusy gin adds an extra element to a Negroni. Or try in a Roots & Leaves and Soda- 30mls Moore’s Roots & Leaves Gin, 100mls Fever-Tree Soda Water, Fresh lime or lemon. Method: Add the Moore’s Roots & Leaves Gin to a stemless wine glass, fill with ice and top with Fever-Tree Soda Water. Garnish with either fresh lime or fresh lemon.

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