Fossey’s – Hot Cross Bun Gin


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Fossey’s – Hot Cross Bun Gin

FlavourFruity, Spice

Tasting notes:

With tasting notes already so aptly surmised in the title, Fossey’s Hot Cross Bun Gin is something to be tried to be believed. Using the simplest of recipes, we have taken Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and locally produced dried Flame Seedless grapes and steeped them in our Original Gin Elixir to create Easter in a bottle. With citrus notes being the strong but subtle foundations of this Gin, they have lifted the spices to a truly recognisable and genuine flavour that will leave you smiling and wanting oh so much more! Being big believers in enjoying Hot Cross Bun’s during Easter Celebrations, our Hot Cross Bun Gin is fabulously seasonal and will only be available at Easter time each year.

Serving suggestion:

Best served simply with a premium Tonic Water and either a citrus or sultana garnish.

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