Karu G & Tea Infusions

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A delightfully elegant cocktail experience. All-natural, responsibly sourced botanicals, ready to be infused into a glass of gin. Design by distillers for gin. These G&Tea infusions provide a unique and delicious botanical infusion that delivers a subtle citrus complexity with a fresh and tangy sweetness effortlessly.

Each box comes with 10 beautifully packaged and hand-selected tea bags for each pack to ensure you are getting the most of out of your G&Tea experience, each bag can be used multiple times in a sitting.

Available in two incredible flavours:

Vermilion – Red

An array of balanced flavour that will amp up your usual gin and tonic experience. If you think Affinity was delicious before, Vermilion offers you another flavour journey to take. Honeybush sweetens your drink further and befriends the delicate rose petals to open up more floral notes. Whilst the orange and Rosella that feature in Affinity also pop the flavour further. Rosella Hibiscus performs beautifully with its natural striking colourant which gives Vermilion its name.

Amethyst – Blue

Inspired by flavours of Thailand through lemongrass, Butterfly Pea and Ginger root. Offering a more citrus and subtle spice trail as you follow sip by refreshing sip. Infuse the Amethyst G&Tea bag in your glass and watch as the colour reveals itself as blue, adding tonic to the mix transforms the hue to a striking purple.

Karu G & Tea Infusions - Vermilion - Red
$24.95 incl. GST

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Karu G & Tea Infusions - Amethyst - Blue
$24.95 incl. GST

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Karu G & Tea Infusions