Lark Distillery – Forty Spotted Summer Release Gin


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Lark Distillery – Forty Spotted Summer Release Gin

DistilleryLark Distillery
FlavourFloral, Citrus

Tasting notes:

The 2018/19 Summer Release is a contemporary Australian gin showcasing bright florals, complex citrus, and traditional juniper, with the colour naturally derived from Hibiscus flowers. Other key botanicals include Damascus rose, jasmine, orange, and mandarin. Nose- A delicate floral aroma of Turkish Delight, musk sticks and jasmine, balanced with bright citrus peel and savoury juniper. Palate- A big burst of rose petals and fairy floss lightens into lemon tarts and sherbet. Finish- The finish dries off with a pleasant lemon zest and a hint of pepper. The perfect gin for sipping on a balmy summer’s evening, while watching the world drift by.

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