Anther Distillery – Cherry Gin

ABV : 24%

Bottle Size : 30ml,50ml

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Anther Distillery – Cherry Gin

DistilleryAnther Distillery
FlavourFruity, Herbal

Tasting notes:

Anther’s Cherry Gin is made by hand-pitting 10,000 Black Cherries from Spreyton Farms in Northern Tasmania. The cherries arrive at the Anther Distillery within 36 hours of being picked. They are then pitted by over 50 volunteers.

The pitted cherries macerate in full proof Anther Gin (ADSA Australia’s Champion Gin 2018) for a few weeks. Soaking up the full-bodied juniper and delicate Australia native flavours in Anther Gin. They are then strained before being shipped out to other producers across Victoria, who turn them into delicious gin-soaked cherry products.

The 2021 Anther Cherry Gin is dark red in colour with a juniper kick and subtle sweet earthy notes on the finish. It stands perfectly as a gin to enjoy neat, or a great base to experiment with cocktail creations at home!

Serving suggestion:

Cherry Negroni


30mls Anther Cherry Gin

30ml Marionette Bitter Orange

30ml Maidenii Classic Vermouth

wedge of fresh orange for garnish

Mixing Jug, Rocks Glass


-Grab your mixing jug and pour in your Anther Cherry Gin, Marionette Bitter Orange, Maidenii Classic Vermouth

Add ice and stir it like a stir fry

Strain into a Rocks Glass

Add ice

Garnish with a piece of fresh orange


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