All-Aussie Ready-to-Mix™ Negroni Cocktail Pack


Crafted as the quintessential aperitif, the Negroni embodies the essence of balance and simplicity. It’s the epitome of Italy’s famed cocktail hour, where elegance meets ease. While its components – gin, bitter orange, and sweet vermouth – may seem straightforward, the result is anything but ordinary. The Negroni dances on the palate, offering a symphony of sweetness and bitterness that culminates in pure satisfaction.

In homage to this beloved classic, we’re infusing a touch of Australiana into the mix. Our rendition of the Negroni features a classic dry Australian gin, harmoniously paired with locally crafted artisanal Rosso Vermouth and Bitter Orange products, for a true taste of Aussie inspiration.

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With our Ready-to-Mix™ Negroni Pack, crafting the perfect Australian Negroni has never been easier or more affordable. Complete with a 50ml bottle of Rosso Vermouth, a 50ml bottle of Bitter Orange, and a perfectly matched dry Australian gin, every sip promises to transport you to cocktail bliss. (Spirits may vary from images)

The History of the Negroni Cocktail

Step back in time to over a century ago when Count Negroni made his mark on cocktail history. In a quaint corner of the Cassoni Cafe on the Via de’ Tornabuoni, he sought to elevate his Americano by swapping out the soda for gin, igniting a revolution in mixology. Legend has it that the astute bartender, Fosco Scarselli, not only made this bold substitution but also replaced the traditional lemon garnish with a slice of orange, forever altering the drink’s destiny. As for the addition of bitters, the annals of cocktail lore remain silent, leaving us to ponder the mystery behind this timeless classic.

Find our Negroni recipe here

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