December 2021

dash + fisher – ocean gin

A whiff of this Gin is like a day at the beach. Loaded with notes of wakame seaweed, it gives off a complex and layered palate with fragrances of ocean spray and rose petals. Great on its own or in a G&T using Strangelove Coastal Tonic

hoochery distillery – arglye pink gin

Except for the elusive Juniper Berry, all the botanicals have been sourced from the East Kimberley Region, within cooee of our distillery. Wild Mango (Buchanania Obovata), Native White Currant (Flueggea Virosa), Native Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon Bombycinus), Boab leaves (Adansonia Gregorii) and Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum) grown on our farm, have each been picked and distilled for a distinctly East Kimberley expression of an Australian Dry Gin. We then add native Blood Root (Haemodorum Coccineum) for natural colouring to create our native pink gin — a truly rare gem of the Kimberley.

Grapefruit and Rosemary G&T:
– 45ml Argyle Pink Australian Dry Gin
– 30ml Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
– 10ml Rosemary sugar syrup
Tonic Water

How to make our G&T:
1. Add all ingredients to a glass with ice and top up with tonic water
2. Garnish with grapefruit and rosemary sprig

Don’t like tonic water? Try with soda water instead

How to make rosemary sugar syrup:
Add 1:1 sugar and boiling water mix well, steep rosemary leaves for 3o minutes. Remove and use as garnish

wolf lane distillery – christmas pudding gin

A collaboration with award wining celebrity chef Nick Holloway from Nu Nu restaurant, Palm Cove QLD has produced very limited Christmas Pudding Gin. The gin is distilled with fresh oranges, local honey, Daintree vanilla, cinnamon, lemon myrtle, mango, macadamia, ginger, passionfruit seeds, apple and Nick’s Christmas puddings. Aged in Australian sherry and port barrels from Overeem Distillery, Tasmania to create a beautifully balanced gin replicating a tropical Christmas. 

Enjoy over ice, with a splash of ginger ale or in a delicious gin Old Fashioned. 


st felix distillery – wild forest gin

A fortuitous experiment with mastic gum led to this surprising, enticing, fragrant gin. We use cold and pot distillation to harness pine notes of Greek mastic gum, paired with a bouquet of aromatic botanicals.

This spritely gin leads with pine notes of Greek Mastic Gum and is beautifully aromatised by Juniper, Angelica Root, Rosemary, Bay Leaf and native Lemon Myrtle. 

Try in a Gin and tonic garnished with a wedge of lemon or a Negroni. If you’re feeling adventurous, try this in a Dirty Caper Martini.

November 2021

Barossa distilling co – garden gin

This Gin is packed with flavour from 19 botanicals, most of which we can find on in SA. Lilli Pilly, Pink Peppercorn, Bee Pollen, Lemon Verbena, Fresh Juniper Needles, Salt Bush, and Fresh Citrus. This is a Gin that stands out from the crowd with a refreshing line of citrus and a depth that will keep you coming back for taste after taste.

Enjoy with Mediterranean tonic, garnish with citrus leaf or dehydrated citrus.

flowstate –  craft gin

Victorian Coastal Daisies and Australian hops flowers, grapefruit and lemon are vapour infused for a delicate floral flavour and citrus freshness.

Depth is added by forest pine Juniper berries,  coriander seeds, spiced background notes of Australian pepperberries along with cinnamon to give a long soft finish. Amazing in a Martini.

Rottnest Island –  [RI] Gin

Created by the team behind The Wine Thief in WA and distilled by Bad Penny Distilling, [RI] Gin is the result of distilling Rottnest local native botanicals. It’s savory and salty and ready to be mixed with Strangelove Light tonic for a perfect summer G&T.

Karu Distillery – Lightning Gin

Awarded the 2021 World’s Best Contemporary Gin by the IWSC

This unconventionally smooth navy strength gin boasts double Juniper,    Lemon Myrtle, bitter Ruby Grapefruit, and sweet Mandarin, with Rose Geranium being the standout botanical here. Drink in a G&T garnished with dehydrated ruby grapefruit.

October 2021

trufflemad gin

The first “paddock to pour” truffle gin made with fresh black truffles grown in Australia’s picturesque Southern Highlands. Starting with fresh truffle as the hero, it is then infused with unique Australian botanicals such as Kangaroo Island Honey and Tasmanian Mountain Pepper, plus a few other secret spices, to achieve an out-of-this world aromatic experience. Try in a Negroni or neat.

spring bay pink gin

Spring Bay’s Pink Gin uses their award winning Classic Gin infused with Tasmanian raspberries producing a delicious gin with a delicate fruit balance.  Perfect as a G&T! Garnish with fresh raspberries and a sprig of rosemary.

KIS old tom gin

KIS Old Tom Gin is lightly aged in small re-charred French oak barrels. Local aniseed and lemon myrtles add sweet characters to this classic old style gin. First created to serve at The Tasting Australia Origins Dinner in 2014, KIS Old Tom has gone on to be a champion gin around the world. Essentially a sipping gin, Old Tom makes a brilliant Tom Collins too.

Prohibition Moonlight gin

A dance of flavour, florals and aromas, watch the colour-shift explode with luminescence when mixed with tonic or soda.

This bootlegger’s bouquet combines cold distilled pink lady apple with native blood limes and rare red juniper. Black goji, clove and hibiscus tease the mid palate, sandalwood nut provides mouthfeel while honeybush gives length.

Try in a Gin Sour for an interesting twist.

September 2021

Tara distillery pot stilled gin

Handcrafted from a striking blend of 17 gently distilled botanicals including locally-foraged sea lettuce from NSW local beaches. This is a key botanical to express the Shoalhaven’s unique maritime environment. The well balanced blend of botanicals includes a traditional juniper base, with coriander, angelica, and local Australian pepperberry leaf, macadamia, and a touch of native lemon myrtle.

Try in a G&T garnished with lemon thyme and a slice of lemon.

wanderings distillerynomad gin

Featuring award winning Tucker Bush Native Thyme, citrus notes from Geraldton wax and salty tones from Samphire and Sea Parsley – Nomad is a gin that holds   well to drinking neat or is brilliant in a Martini. 

wolf lane 

Navy Strength Gin pays homage to when gin was drunk by the Royal Navy officers and sailors alike whilst exploring the high seas. At 118 proof (58%), this gin packs a punch with strong notes of finger limes and ruby grapefruit. It will make a sailor out of you yet! Drink as a G&T with a wedge of fresh lime.

ginversity pink gin

A thirst-quenching gin with soft sweetness on the palate, Pink Gin is inspired by warm days in Margaret River and juicy South West summer fruits.
Quandong, fig, apple, and berries are all stand-out notes in this fun and fruity gin. A backing of citrus and a hint of rose petal gives a light, delicate finish.

Try with a slice of dehydrated or fresh green apple as a garnish, and premium Mediterranean tonic over plenty of ice.

August 2021

hellfire london dry

A classic, award winning juniper-forward gin that has been crafted with skilfully blended botanicals based on a traditional recipe, and using pristine local Tasmanian rainwater.

Botanicals include Juniper Berries, Coriander Seeds, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Citrus Peel, Orris Root

Perfect for the ultimate Gin and Tonic or in a beautiful gin based cocktail such as a classic Negroni, Gin Gimlet, French 75 or Tom Collins. Garnish with a slice of orange and scattering of juniper berries.

southcoast distillery  – sublime gin

Sublime Gin tantalises with strong aromas of lemon myrtle and cardamom, sweetness and smoothness of dandelion root and a warm peppery finish from grains of paradise. 

Juniper, Coriander Seed, Caraway, Angelica Root, Cardamom, Dandelion Root, Grains of Paradise, Lemon Myrtle, Grapefruit Peel

Perfect on its own, or poured over an ice cube. Gorgeous in a G&T garnished with finger lime or grapefruit peel twist. Or deliciously complemented by a sophisticated orange flavoured mixer.

cape byron -shirl the pearl gin

A seasonal edition Cumquat Gin with fresh uplifting notes, zesty characteristics, and a long finish. Expect refreshing waves of orange blossom.

Try Shirl with Tonic, in a gin sour cocktail, or mix with Lemon, Honey, and Hot Water for a twist on the well-loved Hot Toddy.

Mchenry – butterfly gin

Handcrafted in Tasmania, McHenry Butterfly Gin features the Butterfly Pea Flower, a natural botanical which results in a spectacular transformation from deep Asiatic blue to an alluring pink with the addition of tonic water.

Try this gin with lemon lime bitters or as an Oyster shooter with lemon, it will surprise your taste buds.

July 2021

7k dry  chilli winter edition

This fiery little number looks innocent but it has a little hidden secret…. post blended Carolina Reaper chilli adds a nice little 20 second burn time to this Juniper heavy gin, with botanicals of Australian Orange Peel, Australian Carolina Reaper Chilli and Serbian Juniper Berries.

Serving Suggestions:

Depending on how you like your chilli, try it:

  • neat over ice
  • in a gin & tonic with a fresh mandarin or peach garnish
Tiny Bear The Doctor

A herbaceous gin, with strong notes from fresh Basil, Vietnamese mint, Sage and Dill. Floral notes from Hibiscus, with woody sweet after tones from cinnamon. A subtle juniper sweetness blends it all together.

Serving Suggestion


50mls Tiny Bear – The Doctor
5-10ml Creme De Violet
15-30ml Maraschino Liqueur
15-30ml Lemon Juice (to taste)
5-15ml Simple Syrup (to taste)
Cherry to garnish

Add all ingredients into cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry.

anther cherry gin

Anther Cherry Gin is made by hand-pitting 10,000 Black Cherries from Spreyton Farms in Northern Tasmania. The cherries arrive at the Anther Distillery within 36 hours of being picked. They are then pitted by over 50 volunteers. The pitted cherries macerate in full proof Anther Gin (ADSA Australia’s Champion Gin 2018) for a few weeks. Soaking up the full-bodied juniper and delicate Australia native flavours in Anther Gin. They are then strained before being shipped out to other producers across Victoria, who turn them into delicious gin-soaked cherry products. Anther Cherry Gin is dark red in colour with a juniper kick and subtle sweet earthy notes on the finish.

Serving suggestion:

Cherry Gin Crush

45mls Anther Cherry gin

30mls freshly squeezed lemon juice

12.5mls simple syrup

12.5mls Heering Cherry liqueur

6 fresh or frozen cherries (optional)


Take 4 of the cherries and muddle them at the bottom of a cocktail shaker.

Add the lemon juice and gin, then half fill the shaker with ice. Shake vigorously until chilled. Double strain into a rocks glass and add ice. Cover it with crushed ice then pour over the cherry liqueur. Garnish with the remaining cherries

Great ocean road guvvos Gin

Guvvos Gin inspired by native botanicals from the Great Ocean Road, is a modern take on a classic dry style, it’s a luscious citrus gin, with crisp clean juniper, and savoury ocean notes. There are 24 botanicals, nine of these local to the Surfcoast region including – coast daisy, salt bush, pigface, kelp, indigenous eucalypts and local honey.

Serving Suggestion

COASTAL MARAGRITE (classic & coastal with a twist!)
47.5ml Great Ocean Road Gin Guvvos (contemporary dry gin)
12.5ml Maidenii Dry Vermouth (our favourite vermouth to pair with our gins)
2 drops of Honest John Orange Bitters
Absinthe Spray

Stir down the gin, vermouth and bitters with ice, pour into a chilled Martini or Coupe glass, add a spray of Absinthe and garnish with a lemon twist.

june 2021

Husk Distillers Ink Sloe & Berry Gin

Ink Sloe & Berry Gin is an antipodean take on the classic English sloe gin recipe. The base gin was distilled with some of Ink Gin’s star players – juniper berry, coriander, angelica and liquorice root. The flavour base continues to build with a tart infusion of sloe berries (actually a fruit) and this tartness is balanced by an explosion of sweet red berries. The final ingredient in Ink Sloe and Berry Gin is Australian rosella flowers. Growing wild on the fringes of tropical rainforest of northern Australia, rosellas are a type of hibiscus flower. They have a vibrant colour and a crisp, tart flavour to balance the sweeter botanicals in Sloe & Berry. Sitting at the traditional Sloe Gin strength of 26% alcohol, Ink Sloe & Berry is a refreshing lower strength “Drink Less – Enjoy More” option – perfect for sipping on the rocks.



45ml Ink Sloe & Berry Gin

15ml Ink Gin

15ml Sweet Vermouth

30ml Orange juice

2 dashes Rhubarb Bitters

Splash of soda

Shake all ingredients except soda. Pour over ice into a rocks glass and top up with soda. Garnish with mint.

Kangaroo Island Spirits Mulberry Gin

The historic mulberry tree on Kangaroo Island was the inspiration for this take on a Sloe Gin. Naturally sweet and boldly tart, rich and smooth mulberry flavours that distinguish this elegant gin.


Basil Smash

Fresh basil, sugar syrup and lemon juice, topped with soda water. Served in a long glass and garnished with basil.

Ambra Navel Strength Gin

At 61% alc/vol this legacy gin was inspired by our Italian grandfathers who forged our future in Australia from their desire for a better life through damn hard work! Distilled with Australian native finger limes, local citrus and hand selected botanicals, you will enjoy this all mighty gin, with an intense, full bodied flavour and taste that would make our grandfathers proud. Salute!!  One to be truly enjoyed on your own or with friends.

Bronze Medal in the Australian Gin Awards 2020


Light & Stormy

30ml Navel Strength Gin

150 ml ginger beer

3 lime wedges

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Mint leaves and a long slice of ginger, to serve

Layer ingredients over ice in a tall glass, garnish with mint and ginger, and serve.

MAY 2021


A classic London Dry with notes of juniper and coriander, balanced with intrigue from spices including cinnamon verum and brown cardamom along with accents of fresh citrus. A well-balanced gin. Smooth, great depth and a superb mixer.




Half an egg white

45mL gin

15mL Cointreau

15mL sugar syrup

30mL lemon juice

Lemon twist, to garnish



Add egg white, gin, Cointreau, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and ice to a cocktail shaker.

Shake to combine, and strain into a glass.

Garnish with a lemon twist.


a new take on an old (tom) style. TeaEsk’s award winning WuYi Mountain Oolong tea is macerated in our bold Breakwater gin before carefully balancing the tea by sweetening with natural sugar like an 18th century Old Tom Gin. The delicate stonefruit aroma and flavour of the tea compliment the rich piney juniper and citrus flavours in the gin adding richness and depth. The sugar helps elevate all of the flavours yielding a complex yet balanced spirit like nothing you’ve ever had before.

Serving Suggestion



30mL Five Island gin

30mL apricot brandy

30mL lime juice

Lime peel, to garnish



Add sloe gin, apricot brandy, lime juice, and ice to a cocktail shaker.

Shake to combine, and strain into a glass.

Garnish with a lime peel


Using the simplest of recipes, we have taken Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and locally produced dried Flame Seedless grapes and steeped them in our Original Gin Elixir to create Easter in a bottle. With citrus notes being the strong but subtle foundations of this Gin, they have lifted the spices to a truly recognisable and genuine flavour that will leave you smiling and wanting oh so much more



Good quality Vanilla Ice Cream
Shot freshly brewed espresso coffee
30ml Fossey’s Hot Cross Bun Gin
Put 2 scoops each into a chilled glass
Pour over a shot of espresso into glass
Top with Hot Cross Bun Gin
Serve Immediately.


A complex and savoury Gin distilled from a grape base and vapour infused with 12 botanicals, selected specifically for their purity and quality. Pungently aromatic and displaying resinous, citrus and floral notes with underlying spice.



30ml 78 Classic Gin
30ml Lemon Juice
10ml Camomille syrup
30ml Soda Water


Fill highball glass with ice.

Add gin, syrup, and lemon juice then top with soda water. Garnish with lemon wheel.

APRIL 2021


Organically grown Kaffir Leaf takes Fossey’s Gin on a journey through Asia whilst enjoying the dry heat of Australia.
Whilst there is no replacement for this fantastic herb, it compliments the botanicals of Fossey’s Australian Gin and that the distinctive flavour is only enhanced by the subtle floral undertones of Fossey’s Original Gin Elixir.
Hand picked with time and care (thanks to the thorns) the leaves are steeped immediately into the gin to fully capture the fresh explosive flavour and citrus and floral like fragrance.
The combination of tropical yet refreshingly bushland botanicals with the ever present underlying essence of grape, Fossey’s Kaffir Leaf Gin is a stand out with the distinctive WOW factor.


Godswallop cocktail
30ml Gin Kaffir Leaf Fosseys
15ml Campari
15ml Raspberry Schnapps
10ml Lime Juice
40ml Lemon Soda
190ml Ice

– Fill a cold highball glass with ice cubes,
– Add gin.
– Add campari.
– Add raspberry liqueur.
– Add lime juice.
– Top with soda water.


Blending hand harvested kikuya grass with a double juniper backbone, soft hints of corriander seed, orris root, angelica root and dehydrated orange peel, this gin will having your transported to your happy place.

Serving Suggestion

Hard Cut Apple

45ml Hard Cut Gin

15ml Lime Juice

15 Simple Syrup

Fresh press Green Apple juice

Fill highball glasss with ice then pour gin, lime juice and syrup. Top with apple juice and garnish with apple slice.

Bass & flinders orient gin

Orient Gin is a contemporary take on the rich spices and flavours of the East with accents of Australian native botanicals.
This racy, tangy gin is bursting with flavours of sweet mandarin, native strawberry gum and kaffir lime leaf to balance dry juniper notes. Victorian jujubes, native wattleseed and sesame seed create texture while Sichuan pepper adds dramatic depth of flavour.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Perfect in a playful and fruity cocktail and made to enhance food pairings.


The Oasis
30ml Bass & Flinders Orient Gin
Add Fever Tree Spiced Orange Ginger Ale.

Garnish with a slice of dried orange and a cinnamon quill. Think orange, spice and all things nice…with ice.


Native sage, myrtles and pepperberry along with our signature native sugar bag honey bestow their magic upon this gin, layering each sip with a refined local flavour.
The rare sugar bag honey is produced in small quantities by Australian native stingless bees. This inscribes a unique citrus sweetness that when distilled using a traditional copper pot still delivers a softness and depth to the gin.
The result is a gin at home in a traditional cocktail but with the complexity and softness to be sipped neat.


45ml Autumn Dry Gin
15ml Lemon Juice
15ml Grapefruit Juice
1 or 2 teaspoons of honey (to taste)

1 Add the gin and honey to a cocktail shaker and stir until the honey dissolves.
2 Add the lemon and grapefruit juice to the shaker. Top with ice and shake well.
3 Strain into an ice filled glass and garnish. Or for the traditional version, serve without ice in a martini glass.
traditional version, serve without ice in a martini glass.

MARCH 2021


The forerunner of gin, made with a blend of gin botanicals but with a distinct aged grain character in the spirit, appealing to gin and whiskey drinkers alike.

Grain Jenever 38%

An homage to the traditional Oude (old) Jenever style, with 33% malt-wine. The malt-wine is lightly aged in oak and blended with a triple distilled grain spirit, infused with juniper and a combination of local and native botanicals, including, pink peppercorns, ribbon gum leaves, three Australian myrtles: lemon, cinnamon and aniseed, and eucalyptus honey.

Serving Suggestion

Neat, chilled in a tulip glass filled to the rim.


A carefully crafted Signature Dry Gin uses fourteen traditional and native botanicals. Perfectly balanced and wonderfully complex, this gin is accented by native Australian botanicals, including blood lime, Dorrigo pepperleaf, lemon myrtle and river mint. All underpinned by pronounced juniper. 42% Alc/Vol

Serving Suggestion

Try it in a herbaceous Gin Spritz or in a classic Negroni.


This gin is fun in a glass!  A classic London dry gin style. The citrus bouquet is fresh and juicy with lemon myrtle and orange peel. A vibrantly spicy, nicely poised fresh citrus mid palate with a peppery finish.

Serving Suggestion

Try a slice of lime and a small piece of fresh thyme or a twist of orange zest and a small piece of fresh rosemary or, even better, a slice of ripe mango with a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper. Other botanicals include juniper, coriander, caraway, cucumber and muntrie berries (native to South Australia).


Made with Local Tasmanian Saffron, this beautiful delicate buttery Gin leaves notes of orange blossom on your palate making you feel like it’s summer!

Serving Suggestion

Enjoyed best with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and orange peel.

February 2021

Prohibition – Christmas Gin

The “perfect blend” of Australian dry gin, with macerated cherries, figs, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and gentle anise, with extra botanicals such as vanilla to add softness.

Serving Suggestion

Try this gin straight up over ice as it displays a lot of liqueur characteristics or you can serve it over ice-cream as a decadent dessert.

Husk Distillery – Ink Gin

Ink Gin® is a premium dry gin made with 13 organic botanicals, including a mix of traditional and Australian natives. The defining character of Ink Gin comes from the second tier botanicals led by locally grown lemon myrtle leaf, coriander seed, Tasmanian pepper berry and freshly peeled sundried sweet orange peel. These major ingredients give Ink Gin its fresh piney, spicy and citrusy aroma and flavour. The third group of minor botanicals include elderflower, cinnamon, cardamom, angelica root, oris root, liquorice root and lemon peel. Like a pinch of salt, these minor ingredients are critical to the end result adding perfume, body and balance.

The final ingredient is added in a post-distillation infusion. The specially prepared petals of the butterfly pea flower are steeped in the still for twenty-four hours to give Ink Gin its distinctive colour.

Serving Suggestion

Named after the south side of Chicago and one of Al Capone’s favourite cocktails, the Southside is delicious, fresh and simple to mix.


50ml Ink Gin

30ml lime juice

20ml simple syrup

Mint leaves


Shake gin, juice and syrup, plus three mint leaf, in a shaker with ice. Double strain into a coupe glass and float a mint leaf on top to garnish

Bellarine Distillery – Trooper and the Roo

A slightly sweeter gin with roasted wattle seed , cacao & almonds combined to create this beautifully balanced dessert style gin with strong Chocolate notes.  Try as a Roo Cold Brew, Trooperitivo, or with Grapefruit Soda.  Garnishes: juniper berries, coffee beans, ruby grapefruit, or orange zest

Serving Suggestion

Roo Cold Brew

50ml Trooper & the Roo Gin

30ml coffee liqueur

20ml cold brewed coffee

12.5ml butterscotch liqueur

Put all in shaker

Double strain into martini glass

Garnish with juniper berries or coffee beans

ambleside distillery – No. 8

No. 8 showcases the zesty citrus flavour of South Australia’s very own organic Riverland oranges. This botanical gin is soft and smooth on the palate. The citrus notes are complemented by the distinct flavour of star anise and coriander seed. Enjoy with a quality, floral tonic water and a slice or two of dehydrated organic orange.

Serving Suggestion

Enjoy as a cocktail…

50ml No. 8 Gin

15ml Lemon Juice,

15ml Crème de Violet

15ml Luxardo Cherry Liqueur

Shake over ice and double strain into your favourite coupette. Garnish with a Lemon Twist and enjoy!

January 2021

The Canberra Distillery - Gin

This classic London dry-style gin is vapour-infused at low temperature to preserve the subtle flavours of the hand-peeled fresh citrus and berries.

Serving Suggestion

It can be enjoyed year-round on ice, or with tonic.

Old Youngs - 1829 Gin

Starting with Tuscan juniper berries, the distiler’s searched near and far for the finest botanicals to give 1829 its balance between bright citrus characters and savoury spice.

Serving Suggestion

At 42%, 1829 makes a truly indulgent gin and tonic as well as a classic martini.

36 Short - Original gin

36 Short Original Gin is perfectly tailored with a balanced range of botanicals. Lifted floral notes over a full flavoured back palate make this gin the equivalent of a black tie outfit.

Serving Suggestion

Delicious with tonic and garnished with orange or grapefruit. 

Brogan's Way - Hearts Afire Gin

Brogan’s Way Hearts Afire Gin is a warm spice driven gin. With a unique balance of savoury Australian native botanicals and aromatic winter spices. Sweet orange peel, native strawberry gum and macerated lillypilli offer a full bodied gently sweet backbone, which is warmed by fragrant spicy notes of aniseed myrtle, cloves, nutmeg and cassia bark. Hot green cardamom and black peppercorn are carried through in the long nutty and coffee like finish provide by the soft oils of native roasted wattle seed. A balanced savoury gin with a long warm and gentle spicy finish.

Serving Suggestion

Perfect served with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime. 

December 2020

Australian Distilling Co. - Perth Gin

With clear blue skies, golden beaches and cosmopolitan precincts in between, Perth is as diverse as it is welcoming. Just like the city itself, our gin is sophisticated and naturally gifted. Locally handcrafted by our master distiller using the finest botanicals, Perth Gin combines boronia and lemon myrtle in a blend that captures the city’s flourishing energy. A gin not only made for Western Australians but one that all of Australia can be proud to display. It’s perfectly Perth.

Serving Suggestion

Try this gin in a G&T or neat over ice.

That Spirited Lot - That House Pour Gin

Column distilled from a grape base. Very lifted with peppery warmth, pine shoots, lemon peel and hints of coriander. A soft, well-rounded, citrus-forward style developing creamy juniper towards the finish. Ends gingery, lemony and medium long. Solid mixer with appealing freshness.

Serving Suggestion

Serve in a classic G&T garnished with lemon or orange.

Anther Spirits - Charasmatica Gin

Charismatica is unique and powerful. It portrays the best of the old and new, paying homage to those who first created true juniper gin, while embracing a world of new botanicals.

Serving Suggestion

Delicious with tonic and garnished with orange. 

Little Lon Distilling - GInger Mick Gin

Bright and crisp citrus notes, bursting with the sweet and sourness of ruby grapefruit. A hint of ginger tickles the back palette, with a viscousness to round-out the mouth-feel.

Serving Suggestion

Savoury and smooth, Ginger Mick is best enjoyed neat and is wonderful hero’d in a Negroni or a Gin Old Fashioned.

November 2020

McHenry Distillery - Barrel AGed Gin

Traditionally gin was stored in oak barrels, transported in barrels and often served from barrels. McHenry Distillery have recreated an authentic pre-industrial age gin. This gin is aged in 24 hand selected American Oak Russel’s Reserve 200 litre bourbon barrels. Made in Australia’s oldest gin solera, the gin is carefully transferred half a barrel at a time through the 24 barrels making up the solera. After 12 months the end result is a gin that’s smooth and glorious to drink. When tasting the gin you’ll notice the delicate hints of oak, vanilla and whisky notes forward on the palate, but with the unmistakable resonance of gin.

Serving Suggestion

This Gin is simply divine on its own, over ice or used it in a cocktail to make a modern style Old Fashioned.

Granddad Jacks - Old Tom

The Old Tom Gin of the past, traditionally abundant in botanicals like Juniper, Coriander, Angelica and Liquorice Root, laid the perfect foundation for our take on this classic. The sweetness has been enhanced with Vanilla and local oven-roasted Macadamia to create a gin easily enjoyed straight or as a replacement for a London Dry Gin in cocktails such as Martinis, Gimlets and Tom Collins.

Serving Suggestion

Granddad Jacks Signature Recipe


50ml Granddad Jack’s Old Tom Gin

20ml Fennel & Orange Zest Sweet Vermouth*


Combine ingredients into a shaker filled with ice. Shake & double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with lemon zest twist, lavender buds and 3 drops of macadamia oil infused with lavender flowers.

*Home-made Sweet Vermouth

Bottle of non-alcoholic Chardonnay / Peel of a whole orange / 1 tbs fennel seeds / 1/2 cup sugar (sugar is optional for an extra sweet kick).

Bring all ingredients to boil then simmer for 5 minutes. Let it cool down and reuse the wine bottle to store your new sweet vermouth. Stores in fridge for up to 1month.

Imbue Distillery - Suburban Gin

Suburban is boldly spicy, with the unmistakable pine aroma of juniper and the nutty warmth of coriander. Sunflower seed oils carry the grassy fennel and ginger heat through a burst of lemon to a crisp finish.

Serving Suggestion

The distillers at Imbue love Suburban Gin with cucumber and a dry/light tonic but for those that like a sweeter g&t elderflower tonic and frozen blackberries is also a great combo!

Wandering Distillery - Odyssey Gin

The most recent addition to the Wandering Distillery gin line up – Odyssey is a great representation of our journey so far. Conceived in Victoria, refined in Western Australia and launched amid the Covid pandemic it’s definitely taken an interesting path to get to this point. Featuring a beautiful balance of 9 botanicals including finger lime, lemon myrtle, hemp and rosemary Odyssey is a versatile gin that can be savoured neat or with your favourite tonic selection.

Serving Suggestion

Odyssey is a really versatile gin that can work with:

October 2020

Manly Spirits Co Distillery - Lilly Pilly Gin

A classic gin foundation with soft red berry notes from Lilly Pilly and Raspberry, complemented with citrus from native limes and blood orange. A refreshing fruity finish served well with a splashing of tonic, garnished with raspberry, pink grapefruit slice and edible flowers.

Serving Suggestion


50ml Lilly Pilly Pink Gin⁠
2 muddled strawberries⁠
15ml Simple Syrup⁠
15ml lemon juice⁠
2 mint sprigs⁠

Put all ingredients in a shaker, and shake like you meant it!⁠
⁠Dump into glass and enjoy! ⁠Garnish with mint, strawberry & lime.⁠

Bass & Flinders Distillery - Maritime Gin

Inspired by the coastline, sea breeze and rocky shores of the Mornington Peninsula, this fresh, savoury gin delivers a uniquely Australian twist to the classic dry gin.

Serving Suggestion


50ml Maritime Gin

25ml lemon juice

15ml thyme simple syrup

In a cocktail shaker add ice, gin, lemon juice and simple syrup. Shake well. Strain into a small chilled glass or coupe and garnish with lemon zest and sprig of thyme. Serve immediately.

Or try it with Fever Tree Mediteranean tonic and garnish with lemon and a bay leaf or thyme.

Reed & co - remedy gin

Leaps out of the glass with aromas of crushed eucalypt, lemon peel, white pepper and bright piney, sappy notes – one of the most powerful gin bouquets of the year. A viscous, silk-textured delivery, building with flavours of pine, lemon verbena and pepper. Finishes poised, delicate and long with hints of herbal tea, eucalyptus and tea tree leaf in the aftertaste. Very expressive, with the native floras deftly balanced along side traditional botanical notes.

Serving Suggestion


50ml Remedy Australian Dry Gin

15ml Maidenii Dry Vermouth

Stir over ice. Strain into chilled coupe glass. Garnish with Fresh River Mint and Lemon Zest.

AMbra Spirits - citrus gin

Ambra Citrus Gin is a refreshing gin which has been inspired by our Italian heritage. We have handcrafted this small batch gin in Australia with the finest locally grown citrus. Our unique process of distilling creates a handcrafted citrus gin driven by juniper, balanced with lemon and orange and with subtle notes of liquorice root, coriander and cardamom seeds. Expect a dynamic citrus burst to this clean gin base.

Serving Suggestion


30ml Limoncello

15ml Ambra Spirits Citrus Gin

Tonic Water


Fresh Rosemary

Place all ingredients in G&T glass (or wine glass) over ice. Top up with tonic, garnish with lemon and rosemary.

Or simply serve with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic and garnish with rosemary and a slice of lemon.

September 2020

Ambleside - Big Dry gin

Big, dry and peppery. Big Dry has notes of rosemary thyme, kaffir lime and sage, but what sets this gin apart is the jalapeno we use to give it that extra kick. The intense and robust flavours complement the dry taste of the juniper berries. On the palate: Juniper, pine, pimento, mace. Oil content creates good mouth feel, warm at the back of the palate from the jalapeno.

Serving Suggestion

Matt Dickson (head distiller) suggests serving it in their Hot Off the Press Cocktail:⁠
50ml Big Dry Gin⁠
20ml freshly squeezed lemon juice ⁠
15ml honey syrup ⁠
a fresh jalapeno ⁠
Add all ingredients to a shaker, fill with ice, shake then double strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with a grapefruit twist OR some fresh jalapeno and enjoy. ⁠

36 Short - Blood Orange Gin

36 Short Gin is flavoured with subtle aromatics of sweet herbaceousness, a spicy citrus lift with a hint of fresh pine and resinous notes. The Gin is gentle and rounded on the palette as a result of distilling grape spirit in a cooper pot still and vapour infusing the botanicals.

They use blood orange peel, cardamom, cinnamon, lemon, orange, juniper berry and coriander. All of these are nicely balanced, with naturally the citrus dominant but with the spices bringing up the rear and making for a clean dry finish, with some natural sweetness.

Serving Suggestion

Orange Sour 
60ml 36S Blood Orange Gin
20ml Lemon Juice
15ml Orange Juice
15ml Simple Syrup
Dehydrated Orange Slice
Egg Whites 

Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker without ice, add ice and shake, shake, shake. Strain into a cocktail glass. 

Wolf Lane Distillery - Davidson Gin

A tropical take on a traditional sloe gin; swapping sloe berries for locally grown Far North Queensland Davidson Plums. The plums are steeped for up to 3 months to produce a truly unique sloe style gin at full strength. With an earthy aroma that is reminiscent of plum jam, stewed rhubarb and a touch of sweetness. It makes for a perfect after dinner gin.

Serving Suggestion

Davidson Plum Sour⁠
50ml Davidson Plum gin⁠
25ml Lemon juice⁠
15ml Sugar syrup⁠
10ml Chickpea water or egg white⁠
Dehydrated Orange

Pour all ingredients into cocktail shaker, fill with ice, shake, strain into cocktail coupe and garnish with a dehydrated orange slice and enjoy.⁠

Kalki Moon - Premium Classic Gin

Kalki Moon Premium Gin leads the way as the company’s premium beverage, recently awarded gold at the prestigious Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2018 and Silver at the International Wine & Spirits Competition. Containing 10 botanicals including locally grown lemon and cinnamon myrtle, Bundaberg’s famous ground ginger and Australian native finger limes, this traditional London Dry, pot distilled gin will leave a lovely note of juniper and citrus on the palate of the consumer.

Serving Suggestion

Kalki Moon’s head distiller Rick Prosser suggests serving it in a Gin & Tonic with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic with a slice of orange and stirred with a cinnamon stick.

August 2020

McHenry Distilling - Damson Gin

Made from wild Damson Plums foraged from the lanes and by-ways of Tasmania’s unspoilt countryside and steeped in the famous McHenry Classic Gin. The result is a gin that’s refined and textured, delivering an elegant balance of sweet and sour fruit notes, without any bitterness.

Forty Spotted - Winter Gin

Inspired by the flavours we traditionally associate with whisky, the 2019 Forty Spotted Winter Gin contains a touch of Overeem Whisky new make spirit alongside dried fig, ruby grapefruit, cardamom and fresh ginger. Barrel-aged for four weeks in an ex-Bourbon cask, it has delicious oaky characteristics on the nose and a beautiful, toffee-coloured hue.

Winner of Best Australian Matured Gin at the 2019 World Gin Awards.

Wolf Lane Distillery - Tropical Gin

Handcrafted in Cairns, containing thirteen botanicals. The dry botanicals are steeped overnight – juniper, coriander seed, anjelica root, cinnamon, lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepperberry, cardamom and macadamia. Locally sourced ruby grapefruit, mango, finger lime, lavender and mint are vapour infused in the gin basket. The result is a perfectly balanced citrus-forward gin.

Cedar Fox - Signature Gin

This signature contemporary dry gin tips its hat to the old world. A clean wheat grain spirit, fragrant juniper aromas, savoury, peppery flavours and a sweet hint of citrus. It uses botanicals such as Juniper Berries, Coriander Seed, Meyer Lemon, Lebanese Cucumber, Sichuan Peppercorn, Rosemary & Lemon Verbena.

Awarded Silver – San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020
Awarded Gold – Australian Distilled Spirit Awards 2019
Awarded Two Gold – Contemporary Gin at the Australian Gin Awards 2019.

July 2020

Applewood gin – Gumeracha, SA

A botanical-rich profile of rare desert limes, native wattleseed and aromatic peppermint gum leaf amongst 20 fresh and sustainably farmed ingredients, handcrafted to reflect the sites and soils from the land we belong to – for the lifestyle and culture we enjoy in Australia
serving suggestion: mix with good quality dry tonic and garnish with lemon peel and wild thyme or lemon thyme.

Federation Gin - McHenry Distillery, Port Arthur TAS

William McHenry got a call from Canberra: create an Australian Gin from the 30th year of New Parliament House to show off the flavours of Australia. The result: a marriage of native botanicals from all states and territories, some gathered by indigenous Australians and batch distilled. Kakadu plum (NT), lemon myrtle (QLD), strawberry gum (NSW), mountain pepper leaf (ACT), cinnamon myrtle (VIC), celery top pine (TAS), wattle seed (SA) and quandong (WA).
Serving Suggestion: 50ml of Federation Gin & premium tonic over ice, garnish with a sprig of native thyme.

Meadowbank Pink Gin – Lawrenny, TAS

With a stunning hue of pink delivered by the infusion of fresh local raspberries, strawberries and exotic hibiscus flower, reflecting the summer evening skies. Herbal freshness and bright citrus intertwine as native lemon thyme and juicy blood orange mellow on the palate with cooling coriander leaf rounding off the finish. Serve with Indian tonic water and a slice of orange.


This Dry Gin is distilled in small batches using 100% Australian wheat spirit and a recipe of nine botanicals. A heavy load of juniper complimented by coriander seed, angelica root, orris root and cassia bark create a punchy signature gin canvas. Orange peel and chamomile combine to create a delicate floral sweetness, while native gum and wattle seed build a beautifully complex yet smooth mouth feel.

June 2020


Affinity is a must-have Australian Contemporary style of gin delivering a range of incredibly warm and well-rounded complimentary flavours. Notes of traditional juniper, a sliver of orange citrus, delicate floral notes, rich Christmas spice, and the natural sweetness of vanilla and almond.


Dark and brooding, rich and complex this gin has multiple layers to entice even the most jaded palate. It really is the perfect gin for a martini…dirty it up with a bit of citrus peel or take your Negroni to the next level but you may just want to pour it over ice and curl up in front of the fire.

Highlands Gin - Lawrenny, tas

An exhilarating gin that pays tribute to the spectacular region that locates Lawrenny Estate. Highlands is a refreshing and crisp Gin, with notes from the unique blue cypress to the bright fruitiness of the grapefruit, orange and buchu, all while an ever present mint note lingers over the palate. The sweet earthiness of ginger, cubeb pepper and grains of paradise, add a gentle bite of piquancy while chamomile provides weight and sweetness.


Inspired by the Great Ocean Road, 9/24 botanicals used to make this drop are local to the surf coast region, including Coast Daisy, Salt Bush, Pigface, Indigenous Eucalypts and local honey, resulting in a luscious citrus gin, with crisp clean juniper and savoury ocean notes.

May 2020

Happenstance Gin – Happenstance dISTILLERY, Adelaide, SA

Happenstance Gin has been lovingly distilled to create a flavour that will tantalise your tastebuds and delight. Distilled for you to enjoy the way you love it best, our citrus forward gin pairs traditional staples such as juniper and coriander that combine elegantly with contemporary botanicals like lemon myrtle and strawberry gum.

Forty Spotted Citrus Gin – Lark Distillery, Hobart, TAS

Forty Spotted Australian Citrus has been crafted to bring together the traditional flavours of juniper with the sweet, aromatic influence of Australian Citrus and the fresh complexity of Tasmanian Oyster Bay Pine. With refreshing notes of orange and tangerine and a long, citrusy finish, each sip is like biting into a fresh, juicy orange.

Garden Grown Gin – Surry Hills, NSW

Created to capture as purely as possible the essence of the Australian summer garden, this is the original Garden Grown Gin (formerly called Distillery Botanica Gin). The French perfumers’ time-honoured technique of enfleurage is used to extract the delicate scent and flavour from the hero botanical Murraya. It along with Chamomile, Sage, Rose, Angelica, Orris Root and of course Juniper bring this floral gin alive. On the nose, there are hints of jasmine, sweet honeysuckle and orange blossom.

Animus Distillery Arboretum Gin

Arboretum Gin - Animus Distillery, Kyneton, VIC

A complex herbaceous gin utilising a range of local estategrown ingredients: Fresh strawberry gum leaf, lemon thyme, rosemary, oranges and native bush tomato support the classic gin notes of bold juniper, coriander seed, and citrus, with a long, spicy balanced finish.

Try in a G&T garnished with a wedge of orange and slice of red capsicum. Try a Red Snapper: 45ml Arboretum, Tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and Cracked black pepper. More cocktails on line.

April 2020

Never Never Distillery Tripe Juniper Gin

Triple Juniper Gin - Never Never Distilling Co. Adelaide, SA

Wheat based, rather than popular SA choice of grape spirit. Aromas of pine needle, brushed rosemary, lemon oil, earthy root and fragrant pepper. Strong in cocktails, especially negroni and martini serves. Try simply with a lemon twist and sprig of thyme in a wine glass, or a slice of lemon in a highball.

Manly Spirits Co Coastal Citrus Gin

Coastal Citrus Gin - Manly Spirits Co. Distillery, Brookvale, NSW

Summer on the coast; rock pools, sea spray and hints of shell fish. Inspired by the Aussie coast and its native pantry. Citrus notes from lemon aspen and Meyer lemon to give a citrus hit, offset by the savoury flavours from local sea parsley & fresh coriander leaf. All rounded out with classic juniper. A gin which opens when added with tonic.

Tattarang Springs Distillery Australian Botanical Gin

Australian Botanical Gin - Tattarang Springs Distilling, Tattarang Springs, WA

Predominantly foraged native Australian botanical style gin, infused with wild botanicals such as redgum flowers, wild aniseed, bush lemons and wild lavender. These unique ingredients help to create a floral botanical gin with a true “in the forest” aroma and flavour. Best served with a dash of soda and a herbal garnish.

Brogans Way Everyday Salvation Gin

Everyday Salvation Gin - Brogan's Way, Richmond, VIC

An Australian twist on the classic dry gin. Packed with botanicals it is juniper forward with the crispness of fresh organic white grapefruit peel balanced against Australian cinnamon myrtle and native pepper berries results in a modern versatile gin great for any occasion.

Underground Spirits Gin

For orders placed after the 16th April, the Australian Botanical Gin by Tattarang Springs Distilling will be replaced with the following:

313 Signature Gin, Underground Spirits, Canberra ACT

A gin with a juniper aroma accompanied by soft spicy notes from the Tasmanian pepperberry which in turn is supported by the black pepper notes. The taste delivers hints of the native lemon myrtle giving a citrus edge whilst the river mint adds freshness. This gin is smooth enough to sip neat.

March 2020

Wildbrumby Distillery Christmas Gin

Christmas Gin - Wildbrumby Distillery, Crackenback NSW

The Black Label has been created from the traditional botanicals and organically home-grown raspberries used in its Rubus Patch gin. Traditional Christmas fruit, elderflower and citrus have been added to recreate the sublime spirit of Christmas. All of above has been carefully balanced with juniper and native botanicals, such as the mountain pepper berry that grows wild in the Snowy Mountains. A true celebration!

Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degrees Sunset Gin

78 Degrees Sunset Gin - Adelaide Hills Distillery, Nairne SA

A complex and savoury Gin distilled from a grape base and vapour infused with 12 botanicals, selected specifically for their purity and quality. Pungently aromatic and displaying resinous, citrus and floral notes with underlying spice. Try it as a simple gin and tonic. Alternatively, for the more adventurous out there, try it in a Lemon Aspen Collins.

Distillery Botanica Moores Distillers Cut Juniper Gin

Moore's Distillers Cut Juniper Gin - Distillery Botanica, Erina NSW

The best G&T’s tend to be made from gins with a very healthy whack of juniper. Juniper is king (and queen) in this delicious gin. The superb juniper berries bring verve and excitement to any G&T. Juniper has botanical friends which bestow citrus, spice, herb and earthy characters for a beautifully rounded drink.

Kilderkin Distillery Sunburnt Country

Sunburnt Country - Kilderkin Distillery, Alfredton VIC

Featuring the best of Australian bush tucker this very special gin is bottled at 50.7(%), Australia’s highest temperature on record. The juniper, although present is restrained and lets the native botanicals shine through. There are hints of dried plum, limey zest and a unique roasty character along with strawberry and lemon notes.

Killara Distillery Triple Juniper Apothecary

Triple Juniper Apothecary - Killara Distillery, Kingston TAS

A small batch, hand crafted gin with the same ten botanicals as the Original Apothecary Gin but with three times the amount of juniper!!  A big juniper kick right up the front that lingers.  Ideal in cocktails, with your favourite mixer or over ice with a slice of strawberry for those that love extra juniper.

A percentage of every bottle sold by Killara is donated to Pademelon Park wildlife refuge. Hop on line and buy a bottle you can enjoying and help a great cause.

*March Gin-A-Month Pack will include 4 out of the 5 gins listed above, dependant on availability.

February 2020

Boatrocker Brewers And Distillers Jungle Gin

Jungle Gin - Boatrocker Brewery & Distillery, Braeside VIC

Jungle Gin delivers big punchy flavours. Inspired by SE Asia, this gin is distilled using the traditional one-shot method where the makrut lime leaves, lemongrass and ginger are distilled alongside the more traditional juniper, coriander, cassia & citrus peel. A gin of unrivalled aromatics and flavour. Enjoy as a G&T or in your favourite gin cocktails for a unique twist.

Poor Toms Gin Sydney Dry Gin

Sydney Dry Gin - Poor Toms Gin, Marrickville NSW

A classic juniper backbone complimented by fresh green apple, native strawberry gum leaf, and chamomile. An easy drinking gin – delicate, fresh, and floral. For more delicious results, serve with a strawberry.

Distillery Botanica Moores Dry Gin02

Moore's Roots & Leaves - Distillery Botanica, Erina NSW

Full of Asian spices, citrus and impeccably clean autumn earthiness. Rounded and balanced with a high quality bitters style aftertaste. Fragrant with spicy roots of ginger, angelica and galangal mixed with Macedonian juniper berries and a pot pourri of aromatic citrus leaves. Superb for a memorable G&T and a martini.

Underground Spirits Shiraz Pepperberry Gin

Shiraz & Pepperberry Gin - Underground Spirits, Kambah ACT

Based on the signature gin, this limited release, topped with tantalising Tasmanian pepperberries. Left to mature in a home of imported French oak barrels, Shiraz & Pepperberry French Oak Gin is the darling of the distillery. A modern classic; an experience that goes a little bit deeper, tasting noticeably richer. Fuller bodied notes of the Shiraz smashes with the spicy notes you are expecting, the finish is warm and delectable.

January 2020

Loch Brewery Distillery Loch Classic Gin

Classic Dry Gin - Loch Brewery & Distillery, Loch, VIC

Juniper led, expressive, fragrant and soft on the finish. Mix as a G&T or Negroni, also enjoyable neat over ice with Lemon garnish. 12 Botanicals: juniper, cinnamon, cardamom, angelica, liquorice root, mace, cassia bark, coriander, nutmeg, oris root, orange & ginger.

Kis Spirits Ogin

O'Gin - kis, Cygnet River, Kangaroo Island, SA

This gin highlights juniper, coriander and angelica root in a contemporary London style. Key to its characater is the subtle infusion of Kangaroo Island coastal daisy Olearia axillaris. Sometimes known as wild rosemary. Its the perfect compliment to enhance this gin’s lively structure. Savoury and dry with a burst of orange. The scent recalls beach dunes on a hot summers day.

Settlers Artisan Spirits Coriander Gin

Coriander Gin - Settlers Artisan Spirits, Mclaren Vale, SA

If you love coriander leaf, you’ll just love this gin. Think seafood, Asian food and Vietnamese food – a perfect match. For a savoury finish, garnish it with a slice of lime with freshly cracked black pepper.

Kilderkin Distillery Bramble

Bramble Gin, Limited Release - Kilderkin Distillery, Ballarat, VIC

This limited release gin is steeped with some rich juicy blackberries specially cultivated in the Yarra Valley leaving them there for approximately three months. The result is an easy drinking gin that brings some natural sweetness accompanied by hints of blackberry flavour.

December 2019

Antipodes Gin Co Antipodes Gin

Organic Gin - The Antipodes Gin Co., Metro Adelaide

Aside from Juniper, the botanicals are pepperberries, coriander seeds, sweet orange peel, lemon oil, lemon myrtle, cassia bark and a few secret other. An aromatic nose of juniper, lemon zest and pepperberry with a smooth, deep herbal palate, filled with spicy pepperberry and citrus. Bold finish, its liquid sherbet bon-bons, fennel and flowers!!

Serve neat on ice or in a simple G&T with orange peel. Bold enough to hold up well in cocktails, particularly in a Negroni.

Shene Estate Distillery Poltergeist Gin Unfiltered

Poltergeist Gin - Unfiltered - Shene Estate & Distillery, Pontville TAS

This gin covers the whole palate – front, middle, back and all the way down, with its huge complex flavour profile and mouth-watering aroma derived from all twelve carefully-balanced botanicals.

This gin is for those who want to contemplate and truly savour what they are drinking.

Popularly consumed neat, as a sipping gin, also fantastic in martinis, but also works wonderfully in a classic G&T. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Margaret River Distilling Co Giniversity Barrel Aged

Giniversity Barrel Aged Gin - Margaret River Distilling Co., Margaret River WA

Pronounced botanicals include juniper, cardamom, cinnamon and citrus. Handcrafted in a single small batch and aged in a French Oak Pinot Cask. Spouting a striking pink glow, a sweet and earthy palate with an incredibly smooth and delicate finish.

A warming gin that is fantastic neat, on ice, in a cocktail or try Fevertree Elderflower Tonic with a wedge of lime.

Tiny Bear Distillery Gypsy Gin

The Gypsy - The Tiny Bear Distillery, Knoxfield VIC

A mid-back palate; warm and spicy comfort from exotic peppers, cumin and ginger. Named THE GYPSY as it brings a hint of exotic spices, a touch of the orient and a hint of magic. Just the thing to describe this blend of gin.

Add tonic with cucumber = cool the spice
orange = almond sweetness
clove = warm spice

November 2019

Westwinds Gin The Sabre

The Sabre Gin - The West Winds Gin Company, Margaret River WA

The Sabre is our weapon of choice to conquer new flavours and pleasures. This style of London Dry Gin is a citrus collision combining native Australian botanicals, like the exotic lemon myrtle and wattleseed, to perfectly blend with juniper. The Sabre is the perfect gin for explorers looking for a new world appreciation of finely crafted gin.

Perfect as a classic G&T with lemon or capsicum and cucumber.

Cape Byron Distillery Brookies Dry Gin

Brookies Dry Gin - Cape Byron Distillery, Nth Richmond NSW

Handcrafted on their farm & distilled with 26 botanicals, 18 of which are native to the Byron Bay region, foraged from the heart of the nearby rainforest. These include: Byron sunrise finger limes, aniseed and cinnamon myrtle, macadamia, native river mint, native raspberry & more. A perfectly balanced combination of the finest regional botanicals in a classic gin. Some fun facts about Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin.

Wandering Distillery Signature Gin

Signature Gin - Wandering Distillery, Perth, WA

This signature gin is a gin for all occassions with a juniper kick, citrus notes and lemon myrtle, coriander and orange peel balanced with a rosemary and spice from cassia, angelica root and pepper.

Southcoast Distillery Sublime Gin

Sublime Gin - South Coast Distillery, NSW

Sublime Gin tantalises with strong aromas of lemon myrtle and cardamom, a light grains of paradise body and the sweet smoothness of dandelion root. Perfect on its own, or poured over an ice cube. Gorgeous in a G&T garnished with finger lime or grapefruit peel twist. Or deliciously complemented by a sophisticated orange flavoured mixer.

Cape Byron Distillery Brookies Slow

Brookie’s Slow Gin - Cape Byron Distillery, McLeods Shoot NSW

Alternate Gin for November: A rare gin made from the jewel of the rainforest, the Davidson plum. A traditional style based on English ‘Sloe’ gin, but using this rainforest fruit, native to the distillery area. Steeped (soaked) in Brookie’s signature dry gin and left to weave its magic. Exhilarating flavours of rose, watermelon, and bright plum. A gin for those slightly colder evenings. Try this one in a hot toddy. See their website for more recipes.

October 2019

Seppeltsfield Road Distillers House Gin

House Gin - Seppeltsfield Road Distillers, Pontville TAS

A refreshingly modern gin with layers of fresh citrus on subtle juniper notes. Chamomile and locally grown lavender add delicate depth, and cornflower gives beautiful, bright sweetness.

Serve with a dry tonic and a wedge of ruby grapefruit, or if in the mood for a bit of spice, indulge in a Negroni.

Granddad Jacks Craft Distillery Two Pencils Gin

Two Pencils Gin - Granddad Jacks Craft Distillery, Miami QLD

Smooth, rich London Dry enhanced with citrus or sweet liqueurs; a real juniper-gin. To make a penny, Granddad Jack would go to the Timaru races and break a full pencil into two halves, sharpening each end and selling them for the same price as a full one. This was the first time he had made money.

Lawrenny Estate Distillery Highlands Gin

Highlands Gin - Lawrenny Estate Distillery, Ouse TAS

A refreshing and crisp gin. Notes from the unique blue cypress and the bright fruitiness of grapefruit, orange and buchu. Mint notes linger. The sweet earthiness of ginger, cubeb pepper and grains of paradise add a gentle bite while chamomile provides weight and sweetness. A gin that pays tribute to the spectacular region that locates Lawrenny Estate.

Margaret River Distilling Co Giniversity Botanical

Giniversity Botanical Gin - Margaret River Distilling Co, Margaret River WA

Handpicked botanicals were carefully chosen to reflect a unique Native Australian recipe. Individually distilled and infused to create a distinctive aromatic style. Pronounced botanicals include juniper, sandalwood, boronia, lemon myrtle and eucalypt.

Experiment with your garnish, pick your season and choose your favourite fruit. You may like to try a bittersweet grapefruit, sweet strawberries, fresh orange, juicy peach…. the list goes on.

September 2019

Lawrenny Estate Distillery 1818 Settlers Gin

1818 Settlers Gin - Lawrenny Estate Distillery, Ouse TAS

Bold juniper followed by herbal notes from the estate’s own rosemary, intertwined with caraway freshness. Find the warming spices of pimento berry and cassia bark. A mild and unique smokiness comes from the intense botanical brown cardamom that also graces, but doesn’t dominate, the finish. Key botanicals: brown cardamom, caraway seed, elderberry, red apple and rosemary. Serve with a slice of orange provides a fresh citrus nose that accompanies the bold palate well. 52.5% ABV.

Alchemy Distillers Chamomile Gin

Chamomile Gin - Alchemy Distillers, Healesville, VIC

Their unique and award winning take on gin balances bold flavours with light and delicate notes. This is smooth to drink straight, fresh in a G&T but bright enough to hold its own in a cocktail. Using 14 botanicals this gin has aromas of chamomile, balanced with sweet and savoury notes such as vanilla, cardamom, aniseed, cassia bark and rosemary.

Serve garnished with a wedge of pink grapefruit and Capi Dry Tonic.

Vol. 700ml | Alc. 40%

Melbourne Gin Company Single Shot Gin

Single Shot Gin - Melbourne Gin Company, Gembrook, VIC

The Single Shot is a gin made in a single distillation, unlike the MGC’s original Melbourne Dry Gin, in which botanicals are individually distilled then blended together. The result is a full flavoured gin, so much so it may louche (form a fine glazy mist) in a G&T or Martini, which MGC celebrates as a mark of distinction.

Even before its release, Melbourne Gin Company has received major international accolades for Single Shot becoming the most awarded gin that no one has yet tasted.

  • Double Gold at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Awards;
  • Gin Master at the 2018 Gin Masters Awards London,
  • Gold Medal at the 2018 World Gin Masters – Asia (Hong Kong)
Kilderkin Distillery Barrel Aged

The Original Larrikin - Kilderkin Distillery, Ballarat, VIC

Highlights of lemon myrtle. Hints of spice and warmth from native botanicals complement the essential juniper and coriander. A well-balanced gin, with incredibly smooth mouthfeel, and amazing drinkability. Great on its own with a block of ice, try it with ginger beer or to create new mixed drinks. ABV 42%.

August 2019

Cedar Fox Distilling Co Cedar Fox Gin

Cedar Fox Gin - Cedar Fox Distilling Co., Coburg Vic

A dry gin that tips its hat to the old world. A clean wheat grain spirit, fragrant juniper aromas, savoury, peppery flavours and a sweet hint of citrus. It uses botanicals such as Juniper Berries, Coriander Seed, Meyer Lemon, Lebanese Cucumber, Sichuan Peppercorn, Rosemary & Lemon Verbena.

Imperial Measures Ounce Gin02

Ounce Gin - Imperial Measures, Thebarton South Australia

Ounce Gin ‘Signature’ is a union of mindfully selected botanicals. Orange, Vanilla and Cardamom invigorate a traditional base of Juniper, Coriander Seed and Angelica Root to yield a characterful dry gin.

Patient Wolf Distilling Co Melbourne Dry Gin

Melbourne Dry - Patient Wolf, Brunswick Vic

Bright citrus quickly makes way for a bold, earthy and floral bouquet. On the palate, orris commands whilst coriander seed tingles warmly and finishes with hints of peppercorn spice and fresh juniper. A powerful gin showing great complexity.

It works brilliantly in a G&T with a ruby grapefruit garnish and comes into its own in a negroni and martini.

Grove Distillery The Grove Gin02

The Grove Gin - Grove Distillery, Wilyabrup, WA

The Grove Gin is a ‘Gin for drinkin not mixin”. Of course adding a mixer is ok too. We start the process of making our gins by macerating the chosen botanicals in the highest quality Australian wheat-based alcohol. The purity of this alcohol base means that our gin distillate only incorporates the flavours we want.

July 2019

Great Ocean Road Guvvos Gin

Guvvos Gin - Great Ocean Road

Inspired by the Great Ocean Road, 9/24 botanicals used to make this drop are local to the surf coast region, including Coast Daisy, Salt Bush, Pigface, Indigenous Eucalypts and local honey, resulting in a luscious citrus gin, with crisp clean juniper and savoury ocean notes.

Big Tree Distillery Claude Navy Strength Gin

Claude Navy Strength Gin - Big Tree Distillery, Newham VIC

With 9 botanicals plus, this drop is based on the Big Tree Classic Gin but much bolder and with an extra hint of Australia.

Prohibition Liquor Co Original Gin

Original Gin - Prohibition Liquor Co, ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA

42% Alc Vol, Contemporary London Dry style gin with wormwood, blood orange, ruby grapefruit, lemon myrtle, pink peppercorns, green tea, vanilla, lavender, best served in a dry martini or G&T with Capi Dry or Fevertree Mediterranean, garnished with dehydrated blood orange or ruby grapefruit.

Settlers Artisan Spirits Settlers Yuzu Gin

SETTLERS YUZU GIN - Settlers Spirits, McLaren Vale, South Australia

Made from Australia’s first commercial crop of Yuzu! The Yuzu is a Japanese citrus – a cross between a mandarin, grapefruit and lemon. It has four times the Vitamin C of a lemon and  very oily skin.

Settlers Yuzu gin has wonderfully intoxicating aromatics and fresh, racy finishing acidity.

Garnish with dehydrated orange!

June 2019

Distillery Botanica Moores Dry Gin

Moore’s Dry Gin - Distillery Botanica, Erina NSW

A gin inspired by its surroundings. The orchard is put to good use with strawberries, almonds and lime flowers. It reflects a bright, sunny spring day with fruity notes that bloom from the glass and fresh herbal fragrances. The soft, sweet palate leaving you with a lingering finish.

Serve with a fresh strawberry to garnish.

Settlers Printed Bg Bottle Small

Old Tom Gin - Settlers Spirits, Adelaide SA

Common in 18th-century England, it became rare until the “Cocktail Culture“ movement. Slightly sweeter than London Dry. Liquorice root provides subtle aniseed and sweetness. In addition, there’s cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. On the palate you get upfront spice, then sweetness, then aniseed and finishing with warmth from native pepper.

Perfect as a G&T garnished with fresh sage and a slice of lemon or try it for a perfect martini.

Original Spirit Co Classic Dry Gin

Original Dry Gin - Original Spirit Co., Somerville VIC

A classic gin of 9 botanicals, some organic and wild foraged. The bouquet reflects a juniper and coriander seed base. Smooth on the palate while still vibrant and slightly sweet. Hints of fruit and subtle citrus emerge. A slight spiciness and floral note from pepper-berry and leaf follows.

Enjoy it neat or on the rocks. Compliment with a splash of dry tonic and a garnish of citrus (lemon, lime, or orange).

Four Pillars Distillery Navy Strength Gin

Navy Strength - Four Pillars, Healesville VIC

A gin full of fresh ‘Judy’s Everbearing’ native finger limes and fresh ginger giving the gin it’s signature power and intensity. The finger lime highlights the Asian spices like coriander and star anise, and are complemented by the fresh ginger and also turmeric which makes it quite earthy.

The final result is aromatics of lime curd, pine needles and fragrant spices with a vanilla character pulling it all together.

May 2019

Sullivans Cove Distillery Hobart No 4 Single Malt Gin

Hobart #4 by Sullivan’s Cove

Produced from the same spirit used to make this distillery’s award-winning whiskies. This lends weight, body and malt character you’ll appreciate from the first sip. The required juniper is richly textured with four native botanicals; lemon and anise myrtle, wattleseed and Tasmanian pepperberry.

Perfect on the rocks with a wedge of pink grapefruit, or in your next classic gin cocktail like an Old Fashioned or Negroni.

Patient Wolf Distilling Co Premium Dry Gin

Patient Wolf – Summer Thyme Gin

Inspired by Summer, this gin is bursting with lemon zest and piney freshness. Fresh lemons and thyme are vapour infused, extracting delicate and subtle flavours. Juniper and coriander for gin-like complexity. Orris and angelica root for depth and floral notes. Smash-able is an understatement.

Best drunk in a hammock, or roof top bar, or on Xmas Day, or any time this Summer. Garnish: lemon & thyme. Try in a Spritz: 50ml Aperol, 75 prosecco, 25 gin, splash of soda, lemon slice.

Kilderkin Distillery The Larrikin

Kilderkin – Larrikin

43% ABV. A spice driven gin, with a pugent juniper base. Flavoured by four different peppers, as well as cardamon, clove and cumin. Fresh citrus notes added from lemon and lime, with a crisp finish from the added cucumber. A bold gin, which makes a great “Red Snapper”, or a “Dirty Martini”. Serve with any of Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, Capsicum, Fresh Ginger, Orange, Mandarin in a Gin and Tonic.

Tiny Bear Distillery Gypsy Gin

Tiny Bear – Gypsy Gin

43% ABV. A spice driven gin, with a pugent juniper base. Flavoured by four different peppers, as well as cardamon, clove and cumin. Fresh citrus notes added from lemon and lime, with a crisp finish from the added cucumber. A bold gin, which makes a great “Red Snapper”, or a “Dirty Martini”. Serve with any of Lemon, Lime, Cucumber, Capsicum, Fresh Ginger, Orange, Mandarin in a Gin and Tonic.