Fossey’s Gin Distillery

Founded 2016, Gin 2016

Location: Mildura, Victoria

“Pioneers of Fosseylosophy”

Fossey’s gin is steeped in botanicals, family history and an odd collection of sayings.  A deep pioneering spirit extends across English inns, speedways, Kelly gang connections, citrus farming and now gin.  A great deal of quirkiness spills out of the still, across the distillery and into the “Ginporium”.

Master Ginventor Steve Fossey Timmis wanted to create something unique for the family; celebrate its history, highlight Mildura’s produce and to have fun doing it.  With the help of son Adam (Ginventor Jnr) and daughter Cherie (Manager), Fossey’s gin was born.

It started with great granny Timmis, six kids and The Nelson Inn in the UK.  The family picked up the Fossey, “Foss”, name and it stuck.  Migrating Down Under, pioneering land near Mildura and the Mildura icon, Timmis Speedway all have their place, as does another four kids, including Steve – also “Foss”.  Now great granddad, a Bacchus Marsh blacksmith, created (shhh) Ned Kelly’s armour. Now Izzy and Zeb round off five generations and over this time the family has gathered a set if truths – Fosseylosophies and there is soooo much more.


Their still (Stanly) is part reflux and part pot. The botanicals are steeped in his belly and loaded in his gin basket.  The best botanicals are chosen through “Fosseycking” both world-wide and hand foraged local Australian ingredients like lemon myrtle, pepperberry, lavender and cassia.


Distillery Information

Fossey’s Gin Distillery
110 Eighth Street
Mildura Victoria 3500
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