Barrel Aged Gin Pack
Serving suggestions and gin tasting notes

The pack includes a selection of four of the following gins:

Imbue Distillery – Suburban Barrel-Aged Gin – Sherry Barrel  

Suburban’s spice notes are transformed into the toastiness of gently sweet nutty granola with a dry piney finish. 

Serving Suggestion

Enjoy straight up or in a Gin Old-Fashioned.

Old Kempton Embezzler Barrel-Aged – Bourbon Barrel

This smooth Embezzler Dry Gin has been aged in a 100L Muscat Cask for 6 months, resulting in the perfect stand-alone dry gin. The “Whisky Drinker’s Gin”. Smooth, well rounded flavour, slight oak and citrus flavours. Aged in a bourbon barrel.

Serving Suggestion

Enjoy over ice garnished with fresh orange. 

McHenry’s Distillery – Barrel-Aged Gin – Bourbon Barrel

This cask-aged gin is McHenry’s latest expression, finished in 200L x-Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve Bourbon barrels. Tasting notes: Very pale straw blush, otherwise waterlike. Opens with fragile scents of lemon myrtle, pine needle and later suggestions of white pepper. Quite sedate, almost waterlike, with attractive cool mint and light juniper flavours. Delicate spices. Concludes gently peppery and with solid length.

Serving Suggestion

Serve neat over ice

Cedar Fox Distilling Co. – Oak Gin – Whisky Barrels

Matured for 4 months in x whisky barrels. Pale straw gold. More lifted than the London Dry with hints of vanilla and lemon butter over juniper and white pepper. A silky, well rounded profile with creamy juniper, butter menthol lozenge and a vibrant, spicy finish.

Serving Suggestion

Enjoy neat over ice.

The West Winds Gin – Barrel Expedition 3, Sur Lie Gin – Chardonnay Barrels

The experience of a winemaker, now distiller, is clear. Basically The Sabre gin is aged for 12mths in used Chardonnay barrels, but also incorporated is the use of chardonnay lees into the mix. The effect is to bring texture, palate weight, lovely softness, length and exceptional balance.  Hence the name Sur Lie Gin which translates to ‘Aged on Lees’, a term used by the French in wine making. There are beautiful floral notes with hints of coriander, lemon and cinnamon with an underlying vanilla character which softens out the nose and adds complexity. The palate is rich and flavoursome.

Serving Suggestion

Neat or enjoy mixed in a Dry Martini.



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