Australian Gin: The Book

The first definitive book on Australian Gin.

The world has gone mad for gin and Australia is no different. New distilleries are opening at such an astounding rate that no one has published a comprehensive book about Australian Gin, until now.

Australian Gin explores in depth, the definition of gin, the history of Australian gin, descriptions of different gin styles, distilling from an insiders view and most importantly, how to enjoy gin and support Australian distillers and their efforts to bring to us the fruits of their passion.

It is indeed the book all gin lovers have been waiting for!

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Until a few years ago David Box enjoyed gin. He then discovered Australian craft gin and he fell in love with a spirit that he never dreamt could be so complex. David is qualified in chemical engineering, winemaking and marketing. David founded Gintonica, and now writes about and works with Australian craft spirits.

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Australian Gin


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In Australian Gin, David Box and contributors including Jon Lark (KI Spirits), Dave Irwin and Matt Argus (Patient Wolf), Cameron Mackenzie (Four Pillars) and Phillip Jones (The Martini Whisperer) open up the world of Aussie gin. You’ll find detailed information on 80 distilleries that started the current gin craze; the people, the gins, their cellar doors and much more. There is also a list of dozens of newcomers. All for less than a bottle of craft gin.

Australian Gin covers such subjects such as:

  • What exactly is gin?
  • The history of Australian gin
  • Different gin styles
  • Starting a distillery
  • The issues distilleries have to face
  • How to enjoy gin
  • and more!

It is indeed the book all gin lovers have been waiting for!

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